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May 23, 2011

freeposterz’s posterous Is a Whole Sale Wall Posters website. They Sell posters at a promotional price of 99 cents because they get the posters so cheap that this actually makes them a profit. I ordered posters from here it was great this is by far the best poster / posters website on the internet because they have Free Posters that are actually great quality. You Can order up to 5 Free Posters at once. Other than that you must make a seperate order.

Check out there website here

or they have a promo page

Also on they’re twitter they periodically post links to other free things here is a link to there twitter page

Thanks for reading my post about free posters

Hopefully you find this usefull and like our release that we have made for every 1 we put alot of time and effor into these websites to be able to provide a free service to those who value art and gaming and we hope you enjoy!

check out our minecraft site @ it is where you can get a free minecraft account

also i think it would be best if you were to check out the other site that we made it is called free posters you can get up to 5 free posters where you can order them and just pay 99 cents for shipping and get the 5 free posters its great i got them for my den and office area and then my kids ordered some for there rooms. after this a friend told me about a new site called its for a free minecraft account but i went there and opted for the free 25$ amazon gift card and then my kids both went on and got a free minecraft account because they like to play video games. it was great.

Im glad my friend who made the site told me about it because i wasnt a firm believer in getting things for free but obviously if you find a great site it something that you need to spread the word about and thats exactly why i am writing this article with ezine to let people knwo

I saw a deal on there for a Free Minecraft Account @

just take your time visit both sites and get some free stuff enjoy

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