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Online dating and dating sites are becoming so popular that one in every four Relationships the two parties met on online dating singles sites.

One sign that online dating sites are becoming super popular is now on TV you start to see commercials for dating sites like and the eharmony.

One of the biggest sources of confusion and frustration is there are a lot of dating sites that advertise they are free when in reality they only offer part of a dating site for free. And usually the part they have offer for free is not too valuable like for instance being able to create your profile for free but if you want to talk to anybody you have to pull out your wallet.

One way you can tell a dating site is really free is on the main page it will say something to the effect of ‘100% Free’. Usually the word 100% is in there. The ones that are not really free say things like ‘free to join’ or ‘free to create a profile’.

Here is a listing of some of the most popular and best free online dating sites that not only have lots of members but really are truly 100% free.

In this discussion I am not going to include plenty of fish Free Dating only because every body already knows about that one. Below are reviews of the two most popular free singles sites with the most members and the best user feedback. This list is not 100% complete. There are some more free singles sites and a link to that list is provided at the bottom of this article.

Mingles: mingles is very similar to plenty of fish and it really is truly 100% totally free. The reason mingles is free is because the owners of the website make money every time someone clicks on one of the ads but the ads are located tastefully and are never intrusive or in the way. Mingles is sort of a cross between a dating site and my space slanting a little more on the side of a dating site. The interface of mingles is very clean and neat. You do a search just like on most other dating sites with advanced searches as well. One feature I like about mingles is at a quick glance you can view lots of information about the members including if they have children or not. When you see the profile of a person you like there are very simple and direct contact methods including Add To Faves, Add To Friends, Email, Wink, and Block. Another real cool feature of mingles is on every member’s profile page there is a link so you can report the profile is fake which allows the members of mingles to be totally in control of keeping the fake profiles off the site and keeping the site clean filled with real members only.

Metrodate: Metro date is also totally and 100% free. Another site that is very well put together with lots of options and features. One of the features of Metro date that set apart from other dating sites is Metro date has links to help optimize your meetings singles both online and off-line. These links that I am speaking of are links to singles events that are in your area. So Metro date helps to not only meet people directly from the site but also provide you with options to meet people in the real world as well. Metro date also regularly has cruises for singles which provides a very pleasurable and relaxing atmosphere for meetings singles. And because Metro date puts the single cruises together and many people to go at the same time the prices of these cruises is very reasonable. Metro date free dating also has lots of single members as well.

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