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Your Adsense Sponsored Website by deepti dwivedi

The truth about Adsense is that it sucks and it sucks big time. Google adsense never reports what percentage of revenue actually gets paid to webmasters. Web site designers are left in the dark about the truth of what Google Adsense actually earns while dolling out pennies on the dollar in commission. You won't believe how excited I was to learn that Google Adsense has a new rival emerging on the scene in 2008. Adsense's competition is already accepting pre-registration from webmasters who qualify.

Are you a web site owner getting traffic but not getting paid for each visitor? Are you getting lots of traffic to your adsense sponsored website but nothing to show for it. I used to have that problem until I found out about this new adsense alternative. This new FREE income stream which pays you for each visitor to your web site is taking the internet by storm.

It may be hard to believe but yes it's true. You can be earning revenue on every visitor to all your web sites all the time. This may surpass all other forms of media combined, including radio and television! Look out adsense, there is a new big kid moving into your neighborhood.

The Internet is known for giving birth to new and innovative ideas and technologies. Adsense worked for awhile until they had to pay for lawsuits. Right now, I am excited to announce one of the Internet's newest innovations. The growing popularity of the internet has driven Advertisers like Harley Davidson, HBO & Taco Bell to be willing to pay you on 100% of your website traffic to make up for the loss of viewers that the big TV networks are now experiencing.

A new innovative technology has been developed and it is geared to rival the Google AdSense program. Now there is a way for you to earn money on 100% of your web traffic without selling anything and without visitors having to click on anything.

Why won't Google Adsense pay you on all your traffic? Did you want to get paid on 100% of your traffic? I sure do and that's why I joined this free easy to set up program which is still in it's testing stage.

First there was Pay Per Click advertising which pays you on the small percentage of website visitors that actually click on an advertisement. Now there is "Pay Per Play" advertising that will pay you on 100% of your website traffic... NO CLICKS NECESSARY!

Did you know that Pay Per Play will be delivering advertising to an audience larger the Television, radio and print media? The big names in advertising plan on spending billions on Pay Per Play advertising. Have you reserved your chunk of the pie?

By now you may have already figured out that major television networks are losing their advertising market share. The tv networks are losing their revenue at a shocking pace. This marks the first time in history that web site owners are able to grab a share of the ad revenue that huge television networks formerly had a monopoly in. Google adsense doesn't offer what this program does. How much of that pie are you securing for yourself?

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