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Best Dating Tips for the Winter by Roberto Bell

The Dating Writer, April Wu, for – a free online dating website, has written some dating tips for couples.

Throughout the freezing winter dating can be quite troublesome, but here are some great ideas for a romantic date.

Have a fire – Nothing is more pleasing than cuddling by a fire with your significant other. Make s’mores, or treats you can share with one another. This is the most excellent setting to find out more about one another better, share stories, chuckles, and maybe even some kisses.

Host a Cook-off! – If both of you enjoy cooking, spending time in the kitchen is a wonderful way to see if both of you are compatible. Make a wonderful lunch for the two of you and have fun! When you are finished eating the meal you’ve cooked with one another is the most enjoyable of all, you get to share something that you’ve accomplished with one another.

Order in – Order some movies, order take-out, sit back and relax. Enjoy each other’s company in a cozy romantic setting. When the movie is finished is the perfect time to reflect your feelings, mind-sets, and personality.

Stop by the Arcade – This is one of my faves, every time has been a hit. Nothing is more pleasing than to be a kid again, go bowling or to the local arcade and have a blast! You’ll be laughing and kicking each other’s butts- Not literally

Go Snowboarding You’d be surprised at the number of people who’ve always wanted to try. Why not make the first time a memorable moment for the two of you. Something you’ll always have to share together. Not your cup of tea? Try ice skating, this is less extreme but still a sport you could share with each other.

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