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When it comes to gay dating websites there are tons of gay dating sites! To many in fact.

Did you ever notice that so many of them say they are FREE but in reality the only thing that is free is to give them your personal information and create a profile. Then all of a sudden they want money for you continue your little adventure on their gay dating site. In the real world it is called bait and switch.

There is which really is free but it is not strictly a gay dating site however.

There REALLY is one, and I think it is the only one, gay dating site that really is 100% FREE FREE FREE and it is called PRIDE GAY DATING.

If you are gay there are several (3) different types of gay dating sites and although Pride gay dating IS 100% free it may not be the right one for you.

The three types of gay dating sites are:

  1. For meeting someone for a serious long term relationship
  2. For a fling or more of a physical encounter
  3. An activity partner of just a friend (in this scenario you do not necessarilly have to be gay)

Pride Free Gay Dating is more the first. So if you are looking for a long term partner then pride gay dating is definitely for you.

One thing that makes Pride Gay dating so popular, besides the fact that it is 100% free, is Pride Gay dating uses a web technology which I believe is called AJAX.

What this does is it makes it so they everything loads instantly. So for instance if you are looking at a great looking guys profile and you click the button that says -Send Instant Message- There is literally zero wait time. The window to chat with him opens up and is ready instantly! Click on the link that says -Email this member- and in less than a second the page to email that member is open and ready.

Which is really great because who wants to wait for things to load.

So how could you get any better than that for gay dating?

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