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Boyfriend First Kiss

Colo. boy kisses girl he likes, gets sexual harassment added to file (KSAT)

Hunter Yelton is an energetic first-grader who has a passion for science and
P.E., but it’s his love of a classmate that now has him labeled as a “sexual

Hunter’s mother, Jennifer Saunders, told CNN affiliate KRDO the Canon City,
Colo., 6-year-old has a crush on a girl in his class. Hunter told KRDO he
kissed the student on the hand during reading group. That landed him a two-day
suspension from school and an entry of sexual harassment in his school file.

Robin Gooldy, the superintendent of Canon City Schools, told HLN Tuesday that
students aren’t labeled sexual harassers after the first innocent grade-school
kiss, but if unwelcome contact or touching continues, it will be noted in the
student’s file.

Hunter and his mom admit this isn’t the first time Hunter has kissed his
classmate. He’s been suspended before for kissing the same student on the
cheek, but Saunders insists the two are “boyfriend and girlfriend” and that
the attention isn’t unwelcome. Saunders is outraged that her son has been
labeled a “sexual harasser,” a label that will stay in his file as long as he
is in the Canon City school district.

“How can you …


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