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Jean jeans levis The most popular Casual Wear

"Jeans" were named after Genoese sailor from Italy because they wore clothes made of blue cotton fabric, linen and wool blend. In the 18th century, workers wore this dress because of the longevity its equipment. It was introduced to the world by American soldiers during the Second World War. This comfortable clothing was popularized by Hollywood actor James Dean when he played in the movies. After that, it became a symbol of the revolution of the youth in America. Then and Today, its popularity is greatly increasing day by day. Now it has become a very essential product of our wardrobe. A wide range styles and brands are available in the market today and you can find many styles such as straight, skinny, imprisoned, boot cut, Mommy cut, flare, maternity, etc.

However, jeans are the most popular casual clothes, but some good accessories can make dress party. For example, you can accessorize with a metal waist chain or use a scarf instead of a belt. When we talk about accessories, how can we forget the shoes? A beautiful pair of shoes (In Swedish skor ) can give a look extraordinary for your old denim pants. If you wear jeans skin fit, try it with extra long shoes. If you plan to spend a day traditional party, you can wear shoes with ethnic ethnic top. It will give you an air of complete party. If you go to a party, wear your jeans with silver or gold sandals.

When you buy style = "font-size: 14px"> jeans, do not deceive yourself and get the right size for you. Always buy denim that fit you well, but not too tight around the middle. There are so many styles, cuts and colors to choose from, it can be awesome to choose the right pair. If you try to jeans, make sure you look in the mirror from all angles, including the back. Bend, twist, sit, squat and do everything you could do in your pants to make sure they fit properly. Know the best model for your body type. For example, if you have a large body, you should choose a relaxed fit instead of baggy style. On the other hand, if you have a flat butt, you should choose a denim background with higher pockets with lots of embroidery on them. But make sure that the back pockets do not add volume or your background look like too much because embroidered motifs.

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