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Look super-chic in high waisted shorts by Robert Alfred

Are you one of those few who are blessed with an hourglass figure? Then you can flatter yourself more with high waisted shorts. For it will compliment the absolute sublimity of your figure. Or maybe you are one who has narrow hips and slim thighs compared to your broad shoulder, fatter abdomen and chest †a perfect apple figure that is. These shorts will look awesome on you as well. And also on those with the banana or straight figure, figure that is a touch masculine with strong bottoms.

Thus, compared to low-rise shorts the high waist ones are more democratic. High waisted shorts have always been known for their elegance. We may be reminded of Hollywood hotties of yesteryear donning them. The sheer elegance of these shorts has caught on with the present generation as well. Celebrities of the day are being spotted in these shorts more and more.

High waisted shorts have to be worn properly in order to exude the desired persona. The combo should be right. You need to wear them with the right kind of blouses or tops. Try wearing frilled tops with these shorts. Also butterfly-sleeved blouses will do great. So will low-necked, strapless and other types of tops. The key is to emphasize the style of these shorts, which can be done by wearing blouses that are short or fitter, or a shirt that can be tucked in, a touch above the waistline maybe. Don’t forget a dainty belt and matching footwear to complete the dazzling look.

Blazers and cardigans with high waisted shorts is yet another emphatic style statement. Imagine yourself wrapped in a black cardigan over a white top and a black high waist short. Enough reason to invite drools, you bet.

Some high waisted shorts may be a little low-rise compared to others. These are called Ruby shorts. The shorts that resemble skirts are called Megan shorts. The Bella shorts of the high waisted variety are famous for being comfy.

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