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About a flagging sex drive

Study shows, those who have been hyperactive on sex in their earlier life tend to flag as they approach their forty

Selina (name changed) has had great sex drive till reached her mid thirties. She says she has had a very low sex drive since a year now. There is maybe 3 days a month, right around the time she ovulates, that she feels she wants to be intimate with her husband. She finds sex wonderful; her husband is a giving lover so he is not a problem. But while he wants to have sex more like 3 times a week she does not get arousal more than 3-5 times a month which is where they are now. He is so very patient with her but she feels so bad rejecting him all the time. She needs help. She would like to know if she can increase her libido without harsh drugs?

Susan too is 36 and has always enjoyed her high sex drive. She met her current boyfriend 4 years ago and as was usual for her she was having lots of great sex. “My fella is by far the man I have been most attracted to and so that’s not an issue but….. my sex drive has dropped…a lot.”

This makes Susan sad. She wants her sex drive back. She thinks her problem is probably because she has put some weight on during her happiness or whether there are deep rooted connections with other stuff, she wonders. She feels too tired most of the time while her brain is ready for action.

Zeba is yet another case of tapering libido. “I totally thought I was the only one having this problem too. I just turned 33 and everything here is fine also, except sex drive. Hubby getting very frustrated and even agreed that I should go see the doc. But at my annual last year I mentioned it to my obgyn and he didn;t seem to pay much attention to the problem. If anyone is out there and has had help with drugs or even natural remedies please let me know. I did read a little on ginseng. but I did not buy it yet. Help.”

A study shows, those who have been hyperactive on sex in their earlier life tend to flag as they approach their forty. While it is much to do with their diets versus activity, hormonal levels too are the factor. Erectile dysfunction in case of women, as a recent study indicates, has been helped by the sexual enhancers exclusively meant for men.

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