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The Carrie Name Necklace that Inspired it All

The Carrie name necklace has set off a jewelry trend that has now reached around the world. While there have been many different versions and adaptations of the necklace, the original Carrie name necklace is surprisingly unique. One of the most unique aspects of this necklace is that it was actually personalized and customized for the character of Carrie on Sex and the City. The original necklace was made from 14K gold. Today there are variations of the necklace available in white gold and sterling silver as well as yellow gold, making it possible for you to choose whatever you prefer.

Some versions of the Carrie necklace available today are also adorned with gemstones and diamonds. The necklace that was worn by actress Sarah Jessica Parker on the show was designed to include a pendant or nameplate. That pendant was surprisingly small at only about half an inch in height and a little over an inch in with. The pendant features the name Carrie in a flowing script. Of course, today you can find different versions of the necklace available in a wide variety of script and font styles.

Whether you are looking for a name necklace that is similar to the original necklace worn by Carrie or you are looking for a necklace with something a little special or unique, you can find a variety of different options online. It is easy to adapt a name necklace to your own requirements, style choices and preferences. You can even choose your own preferred size if you would like a necklace that is smaller or larger than the original Carrie name necklace. Ordering online makes it possible for you to practically custom design your own name necklace and then have it shipped quickly and easily to front door.

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