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How To Maximize Your Learning Potential

Are you ready to take on the college life? Are you aware of the things that you need to know before you move out of your parents house? Being independent can be very overwhelming and so as being a college student. If there is anything you need to learn most importantly is to STUDY. Being at school is already hard as it is specially if you are in the midst of taking extra subjects . How you can keep up to all of them is one of the biggest combat for all students. If you are not big on writing and taking down notes from your class lectures then your pretty much screwed. Unless you are lucky to have a boyfriend that is willing to loan you his notes.

Have you ever been in a position where your professor gave an exam about a lecture she informed the day you were absent? And you are held up to ask somebody’s notes about it? Or even if they lend you the notes it is impractical to understand it by just reading it? Back in the day, this problem is a dilemma that every student has to face until today . There are ways to get around with it and here are some basic tips you can adopt:

– Close up with people you can count on . I know it sounds like you are using them but it’s true when favor goes only one way. Make sure that you return favors when you ask for one like lending you his class notes.

– If you missed class, email your teacher for an extra copies of the class lectures. They like it when a student shows involvement of their subject.

– If you were present in class but still not taking a hold of everything your teacher is demonstrating to you and you think you need more time to specialize in it, it is best to be in order and use devices like an audio recorder. So this way you will not miss any lectures and you have the options of going back to it as frequently as you wish.

Here are some tools available for the purpose of recording a class lectures:

1. Tape Recorder

2. Digital Recorder

3. Video Camera

4. Livescribe Pulse Digital Pen/Recorder

However, the usage of these materials comes with huge responsibilities. Some people manipulate it to pursue in criminal act such as encroachment of privacy. Be sure to inform anyone that you are recording them for your education purposes.

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