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Cute Relationships Long Distance

Long distance relationships are hard but they do not necessarily have to be. But to understand how to deal with such a relationship, one has to highlight the shortcomings of a long distance relationship as compared to a normal relationship.

First, the physical presence of each other will not be available in a long distance relationship. If either party demands and desires a lot of physical attention, then it will cause a burden on the relationship. In fact it may be too much to overcome.

Second, there will be an issue of time. On a Saturday, a normal couple could spend the entire day together. From having brunch in the morning to an evening hike to a nice dinner, etc. But in a long distance relationship, one has to keep him or herself distracted much of the time with other things. If either party is longing for a long of attention then it, too, causes a burden on the relationship.

Third, the quality of the conversations and arguments will be lacking. One cannot expect to be able to discuss issues and problems in a long distance relationship as easily as they could in person. If someone is crying, you cannot comfort them. If someone is sharing something personal, you cannot look into their eyes, etc…

Fourth, phone calls and SMS can become costly. Let’s face it. Some of us are not the best at typing and/or expressing ourselves by writing. Phone calls can be quite costly even with using phone cards, etc… But SMS is a good way to let each other know you are thinking about them for relatively cheap.

Sometimes that cute SMS that says “thinking of you” and “miss you” can do wonders for a relationship.

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