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5 Types of Openers Women Want You to Use by Scott Patterson

As you probably know pickup lines NEVER work. The only thing they’re good for is insulting a woman and making her run away from you. Instead of using a pickup line, you should use what are known as openers.

Basically an opener is a type of conversation starter which engages groups of women and gets them to talk. Unlike a direct pickup line, openers focus on being funny and making women to start talking to you.

In the past few years, Openers have become a VERY popular way to start conversations. The problem is guys now have problems deciding which ones to use. Well in this article, I have broken down openers into 5 major categories. Once you understand what makes each opener interesting, it’ll become easier to create your own.

1- Opinion Opener

The opinion opener is the most common opener. It’s structured where you go up to a woman and simply ask her opinion on something. The best opinion openers are ones which get them talking. So a good opinion opener can NEVER be answered with a quick ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer.

2- Compliment Opener

Most pickup lines could be classified as a Compliment Opener. For instance, a typical pickup line would be like: ‘Hey baby, you finer then a new set of snow tires’.

Now pickup lines are cheesy because they typically point out a physical characteristic instead of something which she has a control over.

With a compliment opener, you find something that she is doing which you can complement her on. For instance, she could be wearing something interesting, dancing well or be the leader of her group. Whatever you compliment her on, make sure it’s genuine and something which she is actively doing.

3- Drama Opener

Simply put, Women love drama. Whether it’s adventure, excitement or romance, women enjoy hearing about an interesting event. You can take advantage of this tendency by using the Drama Opener. With this type of opener, you go up to a group of women and talk about something exciting you just saw. Whether it was a catfight or simply some guy breaking up with his girlfriend, you can use this type of opener to engage a group and get them talking.

4- Situational Opener

A Situational Opener is a great conversation starter to use when you’ve just witnessed something interesting. It’s really the wildcard of all openers. It can be used in ANY situation. The key focus here is to pay attention and look for opportunities to start talking to women. For instance if you see a guy ‘crash and burn’ with a pickup line, you can use this opportunity to start talking to the same group.

5- Direct Opener

The Direct Opener is simple (and preferable by some women). All you have to do is walk up to a woman and introduce yourself. Unlike other openers, this conversation starter doesn’t rely on gimmicks or trickery. You simply put yourself (for better or worse) out there and start talking to a woman.

Openers are great for starting conversations and getting women to talk to you. If you can understand and learn when to implement each of the five openers I discussed in this article, you’ll be armed with a wide variety of ways to start talking to women.

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