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In Roman mythology, Cupid is god of desire, affection and erotic love. He is often portrayed as the son of the goddess Venus. In literature, Cupid’s ability to compel love and desire plays an instigating role in quite a few scenarios. Cupid was a continuously popular figure in the Middle Ages was symbolized for Heavenly and Earthly love. Cupid is shown shooting his bow to inspire romantic love, also as an icon of Valentine’s Day. Now you may wonder what cupid has to do with online Dating, this article would answer you to this question and would also help in figuring out how Dating sites are playing a for a Cyber Mate to find Perfect Partner through internet.

Projected to be worth of $4 billion, online dating is one of the fast growing industries in the world. In year 2009, there were approximately 1,500 Dating sites in North America alone for finding Perfect Partner online. When it comes to these sites playing Cupid for a Cyber Mate on opposite sides of globe who would otherwise not meet each other without medium of Internet, it appears that online platform for dating has scratched the quintessential way of dating.

One of the biggest advantages to online dating is that a large number of people who have signed up are looking for their one and only. This allows them to meet more people interested in dating quickly or vice versa. Online dating websites give you more choices in who you meet, because you are given the opportunity to browse countless profiles with or without pictures (you can always request pictures) before deciding who you like to start communicating with. You can also abstain from communicating with someone if you choose, remaining anonymous. This is an opportunity for you to get to know person you are interested in, and their interests, likes, and dislikes, ethnicity, religious background and so on. Email and instant messaging eliminates the fear of the rejection factor as well as the social awkwardness that one might feel before meeting someone new, considering initial interaction is usually anonymous throughout most websites.

If you are interested in dating your Cyber Mate faster than anything, try online speed dating. It is different from any other Dating Service, because you will be introduced to many people for live online chats and focuses on live interaction to get a true sense for people without leaving home. On such sites many Dating Personals make you browse profiles of other singles, instead of actually meeting them live. There are many which enable you to find other singles for Dating, friendship, and Perfect Partner. Who knows what might happen when you try speed dating.

Now it perfectly makes sense how dating sites are playing role of Cupid. Just like cupid, (a small, winged boy, blindfolded, carrying bow and arrows) who arrows, once struck the heart, makes the victim fall in love.



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