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Dating During Divorce

Why You Shouldn’t Date During Your Divorce by Jeff Miller

If you’re going through a divorce, you might have already started trying to build your new life as a single person. Moving on is a good thing, but there is such a thing as moving on too quickly. Dating during your divorce is really never a smart idea for a number of reasons. After reading this article, you’ll understand the downside to dating during divorce, and you’ll hopefully be convinced to at least wait until the divorce is finalized before you start seeing anyone else.

Divorces are already dramatic enough as it is. Splitting up with the partner you had planned on spending the rest of your life with isn’t easy. There’s already plenty of potential for nastiness and conflict during your divorce, and dating while your divorce is still going on just increases the chances of volatility. It’s akin to throwing gas on a fire.

In case you haven’t realized, conflict during a divorce is a bad thing. You should try to avoid it at all costs. Why?

Fighting takes a toll on everyone involved—you, your soon-to-be ex-spouse, your children, your family, and your friends. Everyone suffers when the divorce is nasty and full of fighting.

Fighting also costs you money. The less you’re able to cooperate with your spouse during your divorce, the more the courts will have to intervene. This means more court dates, which means higher attorney’s fees and a less satisfactory outcome to your case when the judge is making all of the decisions.

By waiting until after your divorce is finalized to start dating, you can hopefully avoid some of this conflict and achieve an affordable, drama-free Florida quick divorce.

You also have to consider how dating during your divorce can be used against you in court. If your spouse’s attorney find out you’re dating someone while still technically married, he could try to use that as evidence of flaws in your character. The courts may view you as someone who was unfaithful or not fully committed to making the marriage work, and this could lead to a devastating outcome to your case.

And let’s not forget the emotional baggage you’re still carrying with you. Going through a divorce is hard for anyone. You’re probably feeling a range of emotions right now—anger, guilt, regret, sadness, confusion, and so on. Do you really think it’s healthy for you to jump in another relationship at this moment?

Probably not. Rebound Relationships almost never work because the individual still isn’t over his or her past relationship. If you’re still going through your divorce, it will take its toll on your new relationship, and that relationship will have a very low chance for survival.

At the end of the day, what you do with your life is your decision. If you want to start dating now, that’s your choice, but beware the consequences of your actions. Dating during divorce can cost you in many ways, so the smartest thing you can do is to wait at least until your divorce is finalized before you start seeing somebody else.

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