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The hurt caused by a break up can only be matched by the stab you feel in your heart every time you see your ex with someone else. If you're keen to get your ex back after the split, the fact that they are already involved with another might make it look like he/she has moved on. But in reality, your ex has probably gotten himself/herself into a rebound relationship and is using it to carry on and get over the break up. Even in this scenario, getting your ex back is still a possibility.

The very idea of your ex being eager to move on can convince you that the situation is hopeless, that you're not going to be able to get your ex back. After all, if he/she is so keen to put the break up and you behind, he/she will at some point. It's just a matter of time... But this isn't necessarily true. If you still love your ex with all your heart, then have a plan in place and think before you act. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you work on getting your ex back:

Don't get disheartened by the fact that he/she is already seeing someone else. Rebounds usually don't last. And if they do, it's extremely rare! Remember, these relationships are usually based on convenience, not love...

The best thing is to be patient and calm. Let your ex try out the new relationship and partner. Give him/her some time to figure out if the other is better suited to their needs and personality. Remember, whether your ex realizes it or not, he/she is sort of using the new partner to get over you and fill the void left by you. Now, no one can fill another's space. So, just watch from the sidelines and be as patient as possible. When your ex misses little things about and realizes that no one can take your place, they'll probably rush back to you.

Now, while your ex is busy with another, you need to spruce up, maybe get a make over. Just look your best each and every time you run into your ex. Let him/her see you and feel a pang in the heart out of a sense of loss. Always come across as happy when you're face to face, or while sending out an email or text message. Anyway, t doesn't hurt to keep yourself in high spirits and looking and feeling great, does it?! If you get into a sad mood and neglect your appearance, your ex may just feel that his/her decision to leave you has been validated.

As long as you make the right moves according to a plan and you follow these tips, your chance of getting your ex back should be good. The good thing is, they are in a rebound, a relationship gotten into with haste that's soon put to waste!

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