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Naruto Games Online- Are They Safe To Play For Children? by Gen Wright

Naruto Uzumaki is the lead character in the manga series that goes by his name, and released in Japan in the late nineties. The popularity of the manga series made way for the character to appear in other media, such as television series, console games, movie films and free online Naruto games in the web. As the story goes, the nine-tailed demon fox attacked the village where Naruto was born. His father, the fourth Hokage, or village leader, took it upon himself to conceal the demon inside his newborn child, Naruto. It was not until a later contest against Mizuki, an evil ninja, that Naruto realizes he is the carrier of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. The character embarks on a quest to become an Hokage, like his father before him.

Children find the young character very appealing for several reasons. First of all, he is actually a young boy, something that appeals to all younger audiences. He is also a Ninja with special abilities and secret powers, such as the ability to clone himself. The Jutsu Shadow Cloning technique is an ability he discovered while facing Mizuki at the very beginning of the characters quest. Finally, it is a story to be followed over many episodes in a series, enticing young minds to wait for the next episode in order to find out what happens next. Pretty much the same way soap operas leave their audiences hanging until the next chapter. We should also mention the appealing image of the characters themselves, such as their personality, the fashion of their clothes and the plot behind the adventures in every episode.

Some of us are already familiar with the Naruto Manga series, and perhaps the television series. However, it is less likely that we have had a chance to come across Naruto games online. These games are created using Flash from Adobe. This allows for the application to be small in size, quick to load, adding interactive properties to it and browser based in any average computer screen. No special hardware of software is required, other than an average computer by today’s standards. Naruto games are available free of cost, meaning the players are required to register or pay a single dime to engage in these games.

Naruto games online are available in a variety of forms. The most popular of which is the fighting scenario. After all, Naruto is a Ninja, or a Japanese warrior from the middle ages. It should not come as a surprise that Naruto games are often related to fighting and swords. But the fighting sequences are not at all violent in nature. They could be compared to other kids games like Mario and Sonic, in which they defeat and eliminate their enemies by jumping on top of their heads. Other types of games feature Naruto dress up themes, puzzles and dating simulators. Most free Naruto games available online have been made with young kids in mind, thus safe for them to play. This does not mean that an isolated incident of a Naruto online game that steps out of bounds may appear. For such reason, parents are advised to monitor their childs activity, regardless.

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