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Teen Romances; Advice for First Loves and Crushes

One of the most common teen problems revolves around the world of dating and romance. From the early ages when expressing feelings may be considered too embarrassing, to the years right before adult hood when they simply become more complicated.

Many teenagers find themselves confused about how to interact on a romantic level. Unlike most adults, teens often have immense peer pressure to live up to, which may cause them to act in ways that oppose their true feelings.

One of the first steps any teen can take toward preparing for the romantic aspects of their life is to take a step back from anything overly dramatic. Youth often seems to bring about feelings of urgency that can make it seem as though each new event, however small, is equal to life and death situations. Before making a move in any direction, remember that however strong your feelings may be, rushing something of this nature almost never turns out well.

Approaching the Object of Your Affection:

* Whether you’re looking for advice for asking a girl out, or a boy, opening lines and introductions are remarkably similar. If you have the opportunity to bring up a common interest that’s often a great way to break the ice, if not you can simply say hello and take it from there.

* Most advice for teen dating recommends that friendly attitude will get you far, but this can be hard to accomplish when you feel like you might be sick the moment that person you have a crush on notices you. If shyness is holding you back, it’s fairly simply to first work on making eye contact and see if you can capture the gaze of your interest.

* Being introduced casually, say by a mutual friend doesn’t hurt as it will allow you the comfort of not making an approach at all.

* Asking for help in an area of education or after school activities may also be a great way to begin a conversation.

* Building your confidence with your style is a key element for introductions; if you’re finding this a little shaky perhaps you might try a new hair style or alternative clothing that allows you to feel strong and ready to be noticed.

* Only in today’s society would it be possible to begin a relationship from afar. If you have the opportunity to engage in a text intro this may lead to some online flirting that can help ease the transition from strangers to a couple.

Friends Involvement in Your Love Life:

* If your friends are supportive of your decisions they prove to be life long, however most people find themselves in such a mass of insecurity during their youth that they often resort to making fun of ideals that they may support in private. This is often the case when friends express jealousy or insecurity about another relationship.

* It’s important that you remember to balance out what you say in front of your new love interest and behind their back, or you may end up ruining just everything so that you can score some points in a verbal game that no one really cares about.

* Allowing your friends to give you their opinion about your love life isn’t the same thing as letting them run it. Many teens go to extremes just to try and fit in; from dating people they have no romantic interest in, to carrying out physical acts they are not at all comfortable with. When it comes to matters of the heart, make your decisions based on your health and happiness, not what others believe you should be doing.

Confusing Signals:

* Part of being a teenager is learning about social interaction. There is perhaps to time in life when everything from words to body language can be so confusion, coming from a person that you’re interested in. Remembering that in most cases the other person is probably just as confused may not always solve the problem, but at least you know you’re not alone.

* If you find that you cannot deduce a meaning behind a particular look or phrase it can sometimes be helpful to simply ask. Honesty may terrify some teenagers, but the most confident people don’t usually feel the need to apologize for others lacking in communication skills and you shouldn’t have to either.

* When a direct approach just seems too risky taking a step back from the situation may be advisable. When it comes to romance, many people play games and this will not stop once you reach adulthood. Remember to relax and let the other person make the next move, or at the very least, give a clear signal that they would like you to make one.

Playing it Cool:

* Most teenagers desperately want to maintain their image of not caring too deeply about anyone, or anything that might reject them. For this reason you may find that your love interest expresses their interest in you in odd ways and that you are forced to do the same. Remember that even when you feel overwhelmed with emotion it’s important that you do not trust too freely too fast. Giving the wrong information to a person who may not be trustworthy could really end up hurting you, so keep that heart under control until your sweetheart has proven that you can trust them.

* As difficult as it may be to understand when you are young and in love, the chances of your relationship working out aren’t very good. Though this info isn’t exactly cheery, it may be useful to keep in mind when stepping out into the dating world for the first time. Knowing this you may find that if rejection or disappointment find their way to you, your bounce-back time will be relatively short.

First loves, romances and crushes can have a lasting effect on the rest of your love life. Though your early experiences will dictate all of your future ones, early lessons will be tremendously important. Remember that when in your teens your emotions tend to run high and your hormones may be causing you to feel everything in the extreme. Take it all one step at a time and know that your future holds the potential for a great deal of wisdom and hopefully a lot of love.

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