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Meadow of the Great Plains in Colorado

Very few, who travel to the Great Plains section of East Central Colorado, return unimpressed with Lincoln County Colorado. Initially called Greenwood County, this area initially formed part of the state of Kansas. Once the formation of the state of Colorado took place in 1876, the Colorado General Assembly renamed it as Lincoln County, after the famous US President, Abraham Lincoln.

On account of being the major gateway to places like Denver, Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak area and the mountains of Colorado, Lincoln County has a prolific transport system. Additionally, it also has several hotels, restaurants and gift shops en route. These enable travelers heading to the metro areas along Colorado’s Front Range the opportunity of taking a break and refreshing themselves. However, while these modern conveniences have eased the lives of visitors to Lincoln County, the days of old could not have provided a greater contrast.

In the days dating back to the 1860s, Lincoln County comprised of villages that emerged from nowhere, got bypassed and forgotten in the scheme of things as modern civilization came into being and eventually disintegrated altogether. Walking down the well-built roads today, one can find it hard to believe that hundreds of years ago, visitors lured by the prospect of making their fortunes constituted the first inhabitants of Lincoln County. Their ambition lay in hunting for gold in the Pikes Peak region.

Even today, several properties in the region have been recognized by the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties, the National Register of Historic Places or both institutions. The properties listed on these registers have been designated as being historic and archaeological resources that need to be preserved. The Martin Homestead (1899), the World’s Wonder View Tower (1926), Limon Heritage Museum (1910), Lincoln Theatre (1938), Carpenter Barn (1900) and the Walks Camp Park (1915) rank among the most prominent such locations. For more info, click here or visit

While the avenues for entertainment and tourism for the modern traveler provide a lot more variety today, a return to your roots not only relaxes the mind but also rejuvenates the soul. With a lot to provide for visitors with varied and diverse interests, the next time you have a day or two to spare, visit Lincoln County. The time spent in the meadows, reflecting on the people who traversed these paths centuries ago, can help regain perspective and balance, in a world that cares little for the memories of the past.

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