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Dating Older Man

Dating Older Women

Older men, younger girls, this is the norm in society. However as of today, there are an increasing number of younger guys dating older women, some of them are even celebrities themselves. Queer? Of course not!

As society moves more and more from a conservative one into a more liberal society, people are starting to accept the notion of older women going out with younger men. Mind you, these younger men are not just one or two months younger, some of them have an age gap of more than 10 years. So has it ever struck you, why do younger men see in older women that make them attracted to the latter?

Actually, some of these women are just singles while some are divorcees; women tend to not find the idea of dating younger men appealing due to the ‘intense’ competition they face out there. Young and beautiful singles flaunting their bodies can be found everywhere in the streets today and it seems to dim the attractiveness of older women. It has also been reported that intimacy declines with age and while some older women still look young and healthy, their fear of competition deters them from having Relationships with younger men.

Dating older women also does not come easy. Due to the age gap, mindsets and beliefs may differ greatly though I do not promise that a relationship where both parties are of the same age would not suffer from a similar problem.

But in most cases, older women already have children from previous marriages and are less likely to want to give birth to another child despite the pleading of their much younger husbands. The reason being is because they have aged and another pregnancy may be hard to bear on them and maybe their biological clock has just run out on them.

Each relationship does not go about without its own stress and pressures, but this is even more intensified in a relationship where the guy is younger than the girl. Family and friends who take the interests of both parties may reject the relationship and this puts additional strain to the couple’s relationship.

However, even after saying all that, the thrill of dating still pushes these couples on and also most of the time men prefer a more mature women who is able to know what she wants and needs. Instead of having to constantly be on full gear in trying to figure the direction where he should lead them both to, with a matured counterpart, the strain of leadership in a relationship placed on the male is lessened. Also, older women tend to be more financially secure and this allows the man to fulfill his dreams and desires without having to worry about the family’s expenses.

A look into the needs of women, we see a similarity in all of them – security. Also, younger men brings life into a relationship and helps make the older women feel young again! Younger men bring in joy, youthfulness and adventure into their mundane life.

In conclusion, dating older women may seem to be going against the norm, but it can also be a very enriching experience. Despite the age gap, the relationship can be as good as one with a younger woman. Also older women are more committed to a relationship as they are more settled down.

Young or old? Really, it’s your choice.

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Benefits of Dating Older Men

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