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What’S The Deal With Making Services For Online Dating Work? by Pam Baldwin

They can work for you. The downside is that it takes a while to make things happen between somebody you meet, just like it would elsewhere. The upside is that most people feel more secure and have an easier time of going through an online service than having to walk up to meet people. You can get to know them before ever meeting them in person. How to do this differs if you are male or female.

Women tend to ask themselves if online dating through a service actually works and how to actually find the right person. So, I’ll tell you how it is. You are bound to get tons of messages from all sorts of guys. The key to keep them interested is to answer those that interest you and act normal. No going completely crazy that the guy is scared off by you.

So once you make contact, feel free to ask for his number or to meet in real life, especially if it seems that he’s dragging his feet doing so. What’s the worst that could come of it? He doesn’t like it and you move on to the numerous others you have waiting to talk with you.

Now for your profile: Unless you’re fairly average looking but like to be told you’re pretty, post a kind of small and grainy picture or don’t post one at all. Guys will still send you messages, but will spend more time getting to know your personality.

As for what you write: show a little bit of your personality, but not all of it. Epic essays, samples of your poetry, and pictures of your family and pets and plants is just too much all at once. Let the guy work a little to find out who you are, they’re more comfortable with that. Not only that, but all that info is fodder for stalkers and identity thieves.

And for all you guys, you have to ask yourself if these services for online dating actually works. It is much easier to jot off one, two, or twenty emails to start talking with somebody instead of meeting some random person on the street. They will still be hard at times even though they are online conversations. You still have to make that move.

Here’s what you want your profile to look like to make things easier: write it like you expect her to read it after you’ve already contacted her. Don’t sell yourself in your profile and try to get her to talk to you, share a few things about who you are. Things that make it seem there’s more to you than the brief(!!). first message. And post a couple pictures. One that shows you having fun and doing something you love to do and another that shows you comfortable among your peers.

If you do the right things will Online Dating Services work for you? Yes, just make sure you do things the proper way. It takes more time and is different than meeting somebody somewhere else. It can take weeks to get that same level of in person conversation. But, it allows you to do it in a way that is safe and secure for you, all before the first time you meet them.

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