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Online Dating: Don’t Give Away Yourself

So it seems like online dating worked for you. You had good conversations over a short span of time, were able to develop quite a relationship and became comfortable with one another.

Well, that was online. Such Relationships being brought to the next level is another thing. The time has come for the both of you to finally meet. Very exciting yet frightening, for again there are things that are unknown and about to be unfold. It’s like getting to know one another again and starting from scratch.

Here are some things that you should take into consideration to keep yourself on guard.

Be certain with the venue. You should agree on a meeting place that is accessible for the both of you. Meet in public places or populated places that you are quite familiar.

Suggest a group date? Just for it to be casual and enjoyable enough, try suggesting group dates or double dates. It’s safer knowing you have company especially when meeting someone you barely really know.

Go Dutch with the bills. It’s ideal for a man to always pay for the bills when going on dates to show their elegance and sincerity but you’re never sure if there’s something else in exchange. You’re still unsure with how things will work so better not make yourself feel in debt with him.

Avoid alcohols. So it’s a celebration for finally meeting up in person but that doesn’t mean you have to drink and party. Remember, you are trying to get to know the real him/her. They say alcohol brings out your true self but alcohol also causes misjudgments.

Avoid isolated places. It’s the first time you actually had a date. Even if both are doing fine online, you still can’t fully trust him. Stay in public places and enjoy the date.

Go with your own mode of transportation. You can’t deny the fact that he’s still a stranger. Even if he’s been sweet, enjoyable or such a gentleman, it doesn’t mean that you give away your exact location or home address.

Keep someone informed. So you are matured enough to handle dates but you still have to guard yourself. Be sure that you informed someone regarding your date. May it be a family member or close friends; just so they know where to find you or to look for you when something unexpected happen.

It’s not immature to be nervous and prepared. It’s natural to take precautions when dating. Show that you value yourself more even if you are walking through the path of relationship possibilities. Always follow your instincts for you’ll never be sure with the exact moment that you’re in deep trouble.

If something’s already wrong then leave, you don’t have to continue testing the water. Be sure to stay alert even if both of you are having fun on how your date is progressing. Don’t give yourself away so easily. Show how much your value is and make him appreciate and respect that.

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