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5 Relationship Dating Techniques

“How can I get a date?” This has been an age-old question for single, lonely men and women throughout the ages. And, let’s face it – we have all asked ourselves this question at one point or another. Everyone faces a time in their lives when they have trouble hooking up with that right person for a date.

When you are looking for a date, it can feel like everyone but you has someone. And – it may even seem like certain other men or women you know have got some special “something” that makes it easy for them to get dates. The good news is, relationship dating techniques are very learnable, and anyone can do it if you have the right guidance.

Here are 5 relationship dating techniques that will put you in the position to hook up with that desirable somebody in no time:

1. Fish where the fish are:

There is an old saying among fishermen: fish where the fish are. In the world of dating, of course, this translates to: spend time and hang out where the desirable men and women are. This may sound obvious, but many people ignore this advice completely. They spend time alone on Saturday nights with a book, watching favorite TV shows, or surfing the Internet. Of course, that is the safest option for spending Saturday night. Trouble is, it is guaranteed not to net you a date. Instead, spend time where there are a lot of desirable potential mates hanging around. Could a bookstore, could be a bar, could be church – or even a rave. It doesn’t matter where you go, just as long as you put yourself where the fish are.

2. Get involved:

If you are like most people, you have settled into a routine that goes something like this: go to work/school, come home, engage in TV/Internet, go to bed . . . [repeat pattern next day]. Chances are you, if you think real hard, you will remember of a few hobbies that you used to love – or that you don’t spend enough time doing. The point is: zero in on what these hobbies are – these things you love to do – and find a way to do engage in them that can involve other people. Try online sites like MeetUp to get you away from your computer and in the presence of other who love what you love. Interested people are inherently more attractive than are people stuck in a rut. With just a little effort, you will find yourself in the midst of a bunch of potential mates. And, in the meantime, you will have rekindled your passion for life.

3. Tap friends and family for an introduction:

If you are fortunate enough to have at least one good friend or family member in this world, congratulations, you have a network (if not, revisit #2 above and you soon will). That means that it is highly likely that they know someone (who knows someone, etc.) who is great dating material. So, don’t be shy: leverage your personal contacts and ask them for an introduction to someone they think might be a love connection for you. What’s the worst that can happen? If you strike out on the blind date(s) they set you up on, you now have some more dating experience under your belt for next time.

4. Get a dog and take it for walks:

As common wisdom dictates, dogs and babies are great conversation starters. That is why it is so easy to meet other people at a dog park if you have a dog, and it’s the same reason why mothers find it so easy to hook up with other moms in their area. Try borrowing a friend’s dog or signing up to be a part-time professional dog walker. I guarantee that your dog will be a conversation starter. This is a great way to practice your communication skills, and it just might land you a date. (And, if you are a single parent, try joining a parent/child group in your area).

5. Put your most attractive self forward:

Many lonely single people resist putting too much effort into coming across and looking their best. This, of course, is a mistake if you want to get a date. Every time you leave your house, make sure you are clean, smelling good, and wearing clothes that make you look your best. If you are woman, try giving men a little eye contact now and again. If you are a man, project the right balance between cool confidence and humility. Put forth your best side and the best sides of others will be reflected back at you.

A parting thought: some lonely, single people harbor a flawed-but-understandable way of thinking that says, “If I risk and fail I will end up looking and feeling bad, but if I don’t try at all I have no chance of failing.” This type of thinking leads to inaction, and inaction is the greatest enemy of people looking for a date.

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