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Dating Women With Kids

7 Sizzling Steps to Sassing Up Your Relationship

Ladies lets take this right to the point….. Are we responsible for how our husband/boyfriend/or life partner treat us? Or maybe you feel it’s all them? Do we train them in how to express themselves to us? Or are they hard wired from the factory? I believe we are the deciding force in our Relationships….

I want to state right now I am not talking about abuse.. That is a whole other subject and in no way can we control another’s destructive behavior nor deserve or ask for physical or mental abuse….But to continue if you are unhappy with the way your relationship is going or your looking to have a long-term relationship, you may need some help as I did with this whole Guy thing.

So what’s up with the change that takes place soon after the dating faze is over? We all of a sudden start complaining about the things we thought were cute before or just overlooked…So ladies if we are the barometers of our homes and lives then let’s turn up the heat….and get things rocking again… If this is what you want just read on for my seven steps that will heat up even the coldest relationship….

1. The Pazzang Factor. looking your best is very important to men…Men are Visual…that’s right they love the little things their women do for them, like painting your toe nails, dressing up for dinner some nights and how about fixing your hair the way he likes it…add the pazzang, So that when you walk into a room and you turn his head…You don’t have to be model quality, he loves you the way you are, just snazz it up once in a while….

2. Stimulating Conversation…. Read a good book, newspaper or watch the news, study a new topic, so you have something other than the same old topics to discuss together like Kids, bills and family drama….

3. Play Dates……. When was the last time you went on a date? I mean a real date no kids, no phones, and no in-laws…. Take an interest in him and what he likes to do…. This is why a lot of men seek out their friends for fun…. Make yourself more interesting and fun than the guys…

4. Pillow Talk….. Here is a touchy but huge issue…Have some fun!!! Let your Sensuality go once in a while… You don’t have to give up this area in your life just because you have children or a business you can have it all. My best advice in this area is to always wear sexy underwear, believe me you and he will notice the change just from this simple habit.

5. Mystery…..Every man wants a little mystery, do you remember when you kept a little back and was a bit of a tease… Well let’s go there again flirt, play and remember he doesn’t need to know everything… Shock him a bit…

6. Pamper your Man….. This may be hard at first if you are angry but there is no better way to soften the heart of a man than to make him feel loved and pampered… Cook him his favorite meal and dress to the nines then top it off with a night with him in mind and see what you get in return… remember we set the temp between us and kindness is a great start…

7. Laugh it off…… Laughter is the best medicine. This is true he is a man and will do man things.. Expect them and laugh. If you see a tiger he will have stripes you wouldn’t expect him to be blue… so expectance with a dose of humor is the answer to most of our frustrations…..

Well now you know my secrets I know these will help you heat up your relationship.. Go get started and have some fun…..

Men, Stop Dating Women With Kids! Pt 1

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