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Adult Dating Facts and Fallacies

Recent studies have shown there are some conventional adult dating wisdom that are totally myths. When it comes to adult dating men, we shall analyze and explain what’s effective and what’s obsolete.

Fallacy: When you are getting ready to go out to be on the prowl or
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, get dressed in an outfit that barely covers you up. Guys like girls who can show a lot of skin.

Fact: A study conducted and published in the Behaviour journal found out that the ideal amount of skin you should is expose is 40 percent to attract the guys. A tube midriff top matched with a mini crosses the line from sexy to Skankville.

Fallacy: If you’re into him, go ahead and make the first move.

Fact: You can smile at him to send a signal you’re interested, but you should wait for him to come to you. A study done at Northwestern University found out that the person who does the approaching tends to fall harder.

Fallacy: When talking to him on a date, focus on things you have in common.

Fact: Talking about things you have in common will make you feel connected, but it’s also important to share interesting personal experiences and things that you are in to that are different from his. Experts say that exposure to new and exciting things can increase the biochemical neurotransmitter dopamine in our bodies, which is responsible for building interest and passion.

Fallacy: Consume low-calorie food when out on a date with a guy to let him know you take good care of yourself to look attractive.

Fact: According to a study done at McMaster University in Canada, women tend to do this. However, most guys actually go for girls that can eat a real meal when out on a date with them. This does not necessarily mean you can stuff your face with anything, but guys want girls who can comfortably be themselves when around him. Munching on rabbit food sends a message of not keeping it real.

Fallacy: The first thing that gets guys’ attention is your eyes.

Fact: In a poll done by Cosmo and, 62 percent of guys go for a hot body and only 27 percent get attracted by seductive eyes. Please refer to fact number one on how to flaunt your curves in the sexiest and most seductive way.

Fallacy: It’s smart to “friend” a guy you’re
adult dating
. This is a good way to get to know each other better.

Fact: A published study in CyberPsychology and Behavior discovered that being friends a guy you are dating increases the chances of jealousy. This can also lead to overfamiliarity that can kill off a relationship right from the start.

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