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Successful Relationships – What Gets in the Way? by John v Johnson

The inevitable form of human life is relationships. Every living being is bound by some relation; be it a plant, an animal, or a human being. God has acted wisely to make relationships so that there should be a mutual cooperation amongst His creation. But the term has undergone a drastic change and many relationships are now at a verge to break or have broken. Why there are problems in relations? Why the present state of almost all relationships is grim? Often we try to find out answers, but unfortunately don’t realize that the actual cause is nothing but our own disruptions, stress, and conflicts that we face in our day to day life.

God has manifested a pure form of love completely in human relationships, but human beings often fail to recognize it because of their self centeredness. Now, the question arises how to get successful relationships. The answer is not difficult. It is very easy to get along with most people by trying to understand them with certain psychological facts. We all have feelings, so it is not a hard task to find a right person for your life. We are all willingly or reluctantly bound by the laws of nature and human psychology, so the only important thing is observation, patience, and accepting denials. We don’t like denials of any kind that is the major hindrance for the success of relationships.

To add more, we often behave indifferently because we have experienced trauma or neglect in our past lives. Infact, we analyze or evaluate others by our past experiences. These experiences sometimes do not allow us to deal with good people because we do not want to accept their goodness as we see them in the same light. Therefore, it is essential to introspect and try to limit our perception of people through our past experiences; negative and positive.

Of course, we have to think of the remedy for ourselves and others associated with us, if we really intend to have successful relationships. We should have that kind of emotional intelligence that ensures self-awareness and complete understanding of others. This is the only way, we can really manage relationships. If you want to get best out of a relation, it is better to know that honest and faith plays a vital role in the smooth running of a relation.

It doesn’t matter if the relation is between married couples, family members, lovers, mother and child, best friends or business partners; the main objective of a relationship is to yield the highest good and to eliminate the frictions. This can nourish great relationships. We should recognize their importance in our lives. Why they are in our lives? What we can get from them in real terms? Why we need to grow in our relationships? What we have to learn from them? All these questions definitely will help people to value their relationships and avoid the roadblocks that are likely to hit them. We have to grow in them, rather than cribbing about them all the time.

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