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Flowers and Jewelry: Crash Course for Guys

Every man knows that women love receiving flowers and jewelry, yet often they feel unequipped when it comes to purchasing these gifts. Knowing a bit about the symbolic meaning behind these items can come in handy when it is time to show off your romantic skills. There are appropriate times to give certain flowers and different flowers have different meanings. The next time you purchase flowers for the woman in your life, pick out one that truly expresses your feelings. Combine those flowers with a poem and you are sure to melt her heart.

Likewise, it is understandably known that women love and appreciate jewelry at any time of the year. However, understanding the symbolism behind giving certain types of jewelry due to the year of an anniversary can make your gift a bit more special and dear to her heart. Also, choosing birthstones for your selected piece of jewelry also shows that you took the time to give the woman in your life a carefully selected and chosen piece.

It is also important to realize that certain gemstones have been attributed certain characteristics for thousands of years; choosing to give jewelry gifts based upon gemstones characteristics is another wonderful idea.

Flowers and their Meanings

Here is a list of flowers and their symbolic meanings. You can use this list the next time your purchase a bouquet for the woman in your life. It is also a great idea to combine various flowers based upon their symbolism and create a unique personalized bouquet for the woman that you love. Simply choose the flowers then request them from your local or favorite florist.

Acacia- concealed love or pure friendship

Agapanthus- secret love or love letters

Amaryllis- splendid beauty or pride

Anemone- expectations or forsaken

Apple Blossoms- good fortune or prosperity

Aster- elegance and daintiness

Azalea-Chinese symbol for womanhood, first love, and temperance

Baby’s Breath- innocence

Bachelor Button- single blessedness, hope

Begonia- fanciful nature, beware, caution

Bells of Ireland- good luck

Bird of Paradise Magnificent, splendor, majesty

Calla Lily- Majestic beauty

Red Carnation- my heart aches for you

Pink Carnation- Mother’s love

White Carnation- adorable

Red Chrysanthemum- love

Daffodil- you are the only one

Dahlia- elegance

Daisy- innocence

Day Lily- Chinese symbol for mother

Fern- magic, fascination

Forget-Me-Not- memories, remembrance

Freesia- innocence

Gardenia- secret love

Hibiscus- delicate or fragile beauty

Iris- wisdom

Jasmine-sensuality, elegance

Lavender- devotion

Lily- purity

White Lily- virginity

Magnolia- lover of nature

Olive branch- peace

Orange blossom- innocence, eternal love

Orchid- rare or exotic beauty

Petunia- anger, resentment

Rose, love passion

Lavender Rose- love at first sight

Orange Rose- enthusiastic

Light pink rose-joyfulness

Peach Rose- Appreciation, sympathy

Pink Rose- friendship, admiration

Dark Pink Rose- thankfulness

Red Rose- love

Deep Red Rose-desire

Rosebud- youth

Tulip- love and passion

Red Tulip- love

Violet- faithfulness

Zinnia- missing absent friends

Flowers are also associated with wedding anniversaries. However, if you are celebrating years of dating, you can use these traditional flowers as well. Here is the list of flowers associated with anniversaries.

1st Anniversary- Pansy

2nd Anniversary- Cosmos

3rd Anniversary- Fuchsia

4th Anniversary- Geranium

5th Anniversary- Daisy

6th Anniversary- Calla Lily

7th Anniversary- Jack-in-the-Pulpit

8th Anniversary- Clematis

9th Anniversary- Poppy

10th Anniversary- Daffodil

Along with flowers, gemstones also have significant meaning. Understanding the symbolism behind certain gemstones will greatly enhance any jewelry gift that you purchase. Here is a listing of gemstones associated with birthstones, as well as a listing of gemstones meanings.


January- Garnet

Garnets are deep red and look beautiful with silver jewelry. They represent strength, health, and deep insight.

February- Amethyst

Amethyst ranges in color from pale violet to deep violet purple. Amethyst symbolizes peace, love, and happiness.

March- Aquamarine

Aquamarine varies in color from pale blue green to deep blue. Aquamarine is revered for symbolizing courage and peace.

April- Diamond

Colorless diamonds are the most popular choices, but diamonds can range in a variety of colors. Known for being a girl’s best friend, diamonds also symbolize strength, courage, and good fortune.

May- Emerald

Traditionally Emeralds are pure green but they may also be in yellowish tinted varieties. Emeralds represent love, happiness in marriage, and loyalty.

June- Pearl

Fresh, saltwater, or cultured pearls vary in a variety of colors ranging from off white to black. Pearls symbolize faithfulness, purity, innocence, and charity.

July- Ruby

Rubies are known for their beautiful red hues and can range in colors that feature the red spectrum. They are known for symbolizing wisdom and a nurturing heart.

August- Peridot

Peridots range in colors but all have a greenish tint. They represent friendliness, Relationships, and compassion.

September- Sapphire

Most recognizable for its blue color, sapphires may also be colorless, pink, or even orange. Sapphires symbolize joy, peace, and beauty.

October- Opal

Opals display a wide range of colors when deflecting light. Opals signify a creative spirit, new friendships, and healthy relationships.

November- Citrine

Citrine ranges in earthy tones from yellow to brown. It looks beautiful when paired with gold and signifies comfort, wealth, and a creative spirit.

December- Turquoise

Turquoise ranges in color from aqua to deep robin’s egg blue. It looks best when paired with silver and it signifies valor, strength, and wisdom.


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