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Wondering About The Best BPA Free Sports Bottle To Buy?

If you really like your sports, train at the gym or just pursue an full on outdoor life style then a reliable water bottle or two is an important bit of gear. So what makes for a good water bottle and what features should you look for? Here are a few ideas:

Opening and closing the cap of most bottles is normally a two-handed operation, which can make things a bit awkward if you want to drink on the move. Think driving a an auto, burning miles on a gym treadmill, riding a bicycle or climbing a mountain….you get the low-down!. Make sure you get a design that's easy to use with one hand.

Some sports bottles also come with an integrated straw and flip-up spout that stows away when not in use. This is a very cool feature as it allows you to maintain your eyes planted firmly ahead of you without having to tilt your head back to take a drink. Make sure the straw has a large diameter so you get a good flow when drinking.

Another handy design feature is an integrated handle built into the lid. Not only does this make the bottle very easy to carry but it also makes it possible for the bottle to be attached to a backpack. Also look for an extra wide handle so it's comfortable to carry with two fingers.

Water bottles are commonly made from either glass, plastic or metals. Glass is very good for preserving taste and avoiding chemicals like BPA, but of course it's not such a fantastic material if the bottle is dropped. Bottles made from polycarbonates such as Tritan, or the newer high-tech PCTG plastics, will not shatter like glass. Stainless steel and aluminum sports bottles are also good options but can be more expensive than plastic bottles.

Finally, ensure the volume of the bottle is just right for you. Look for a volume that provides you a decent drink in between refills, while being light enough to comfortably carry on the move. A size that seems to work well for most people is around 24 ounces (700 ml). Also look for a sports bottle that's 100% leak proof.

Well there you have it. Take your time researching the best sports bottle for your own life style. It will be money wisely spent.
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