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Many men are confused while dating because they are not aware of the dating tips for men. Given below are some of the effective dating tips for men. These tips must be used while a person is on a date.

1. One must try and get something out on every interaction that he has with a woman. He cannot be won by all. However, a lot of things can be learnt from it. Dating is a fun game. Rejection must not be taken to the heart.

2. A man must try and be funny. Laughter is the greatest aphrodisiac. If a man is not funny, he must learn some standup comedy on the CD or DVD. He can also purchase various books on humor. The content from the books must be studied. This can help him in being the funniest guy. This is one of the most effective dating tips for men

3. A man must never think that the woman is out of league. Just because she is hot doesn’t mean that she is not interested. Hot women get hits very regularly. A guy must try and be different that other guys. He must not pay her a compliment every single second. He must try and be as natural as possible. Most importantly, he must be confident in his approach.

4. Periodic breaks must be taken from the dating game. The batteries must be recharged while taking a break. More should be studied and learnt about attracting and approaching women. The more a person will learn, the more successful he will be.

5. Men must play very hard for coming across the needy. When a person calls, the conversation must be ended within 10 minutes

6. One must go very easy on the text messages.

Similar to the
Dating tips for men
, there are dating tips for women as well. Given below are few of them:

1. Women must not come earlier than men

On every date, it should be made sure that the man arrives before the woman. Normally, the man must arrive first because if a woman arrives first, it will show as if she is very eager to be on a date with him.

2. There must not be any talk about ex-boyfriends

Talking about the ex-boyfriends is strictly banned. One must not discuss past Relationships with a new guy. This is the best among all the dating tips for women.

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