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Special Year-end Sale Of Hands-Free Cell Phone Holders

Special Year-end Sale Of Hands-Free Cell Phone Holders
Special Year-end Sale Of Hands-Free Cell Phone Holders

How to avoid police tickets for talking while driving

November 4, 2013 – Ferndale, Washington — Take advantage of this sale on the Hands-Free Cell Phone Holders sold by Internet on the Go – just in time for holiday shopping. Need help finding those party locations? Use the GPS function on a cell phone or GPS device and this cell phone holder. It’s much easier than hunting for the phone in your lap or on the dashboard. Now that there are regulations on many communities about talking on a cell phone or texting while driving, it's a good idea to avoid problems with the police. This holiday season don't drink and drive and also don't talk on your phone while driving.

This is a holder that easily attaches to either the windshield or the dashboard and swivels around so that you can see it well. Here are some more features of this lightweight but durable holder:

*** Works with all mobile devices up to 3 1/2 inches wide including Apple, Android, and Blackberry products.
*** Made of eco-friendly plastic, the same as used in the children’s toy, Lego.
*** Comes with a foam-lined grip to prevent your phone from being scratched.
*** The slider arm easily adjusts to your phone and holds it tight.
*** The suction cup backing locks in place with the locking dial.
*** Very affordable – why not order two, one for a gift and one for yourself?
*** Folds up when not in use so that your vision is not blocked.

It’s easy to see why so many people like this holder. While there are other holders for sale this one is the best deal – lightweight yet strong. Who knows? It might last longer than your car! You can see for yourself by going to the Amazon site.

About Internet on the Go

Internet on the Go provides the latest information, services and products for mobile phones including the new durable, universal cell phone holder.. Mobile marketing with this company includes the sale and construction of websites for mobile devices, mobile apps, QR Code Campaigns and the sale of accessories such as mobile phone holders and mobile phone chargers. You can now purchase the cell phone holder for $10.99 at the Amazon site.

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