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Stainless Steel Water Bottle 24 oz – Eco-Friendly – BPA Free – 100% Stainless Steel – Reusable

The WaterVault is a 24 oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle that benefits you, the earth and your pocketbook

It’s seldom that you come across a product that has such favorable benefits for you and the world. This stainless steel water bottle is sturdy, affordable and provides a great deal of ways to keep yourself and the world in top notch shape.

If you’re anything like me you have a rack full of the old plastic BPA leaching water bottles that are not smart or cool to use. So I changed to the non reusable plastic bottles, some from as far away as Fiji and Evian, France. Hmmm that’s a long way to go to get a drink of water. No BPA but I’m going through a minimum of 12-24 bottles a week and they need to be disposed of someplace. That someplace seems to be the landfills and oceans of the world. Only about 7 % of the plastic bottles get recycled according the Earth Institute at Columbia University

Now that’s not good so when I stumbled upon the Watervault, a 24 oz. stainless steel water bottle that I discovered on Amazon I thought I ‘d give it a shot. I love Amazon! (super-fast shipping, buyer protection and I don’t need to get in the car.) This has been an excellent purchase. Reasonably priced, fits great in my hand, doesn’t leak even after dropping it a couple of times, doesn’t rust and doesn’t have that funny taste that some metal bottles have, and it is BPA Free and reusable. Perfect! And an easy way to keep my body hydrated all day long. We’ve all heard that you should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day but how many of us really do?

Plus I was happily surprised with the follow up to let me know that my bottle shipped (the next day amazingly!) and to make sure I got it in excellent condition and that I was happy with it. Wow, who else does that?

So it may be just a water bottle but this purchase is a no brainer if you’re in the market for an awesome bottle, terrific service and all the possitive benefits for both you and the planet. Give it a go if you’re in the market by clicking on the link below to purchase yours now. I think you’ll be happy that you did!

Water Bottle

The Simple Way to Improve Your Wellness & the Wellness of the Planet100 % Stainless Steel Keeps the Chemicals Out of Your Body & the Plastic Bottles from the Landfills 5 Wellness Advantages of Consuming WaterSupports the correct balance of fluids in your bodyHelps flush impurities from your kidneys & bloodstreamSupports your electrolyte balanceKeeps your skin looking youngLessens muscle cramps and spasms The Details24 oz capacityMouth opening is 1.75″ wide. Big enough for ice cubes! Finger hook cap & comfy grip10.75″ tall with cap onPerfect anywhere you need to hydrateRefresh Rehydrate and Reuse! Click the Add to cart button now & delight in the benefits

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