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OnLine Relationships: Executive Dating Tips by Jim DeSantis

When looking to date an executive, you may not know that most executives are very cautious of joining traditional on line dating sites. You likely will not find many eligible executives listed on those sites. However, there are dating sites that actually cater to executives that you can join and develop a relationship.

You should also be aware that many executives are not really looking to date another executive. Many are primarily looking for someone to go to dinner with, maybe a take in a show or have a night out on the town just for some fun and relaxation. Being an executive can be very stressful and a date with someone who is not a fellow executive is preferable because it eliminates “shop talk” and focuses on just having fun.

That said, it does help your chances of getting a date if you are a professional person who can match up as far as background or education. You should not be in the same field, however, just to make it interesting for both of you. For example, a Wall Street type might fit well with a professional concert musician or photographer.

Executive online dating sites operate much the same as mainstream online dating sites. You will be required to create a Personal Profile. You should keep your profile real and honest. Honestly share your likes, dislikes, education, and so forth so a potential date can decide whether to pursue you further. Post a recent head shot and perhaps some snapshots or video of you having fun doing your favorite things.

Executive online dating sites, like traditional sites, allow members to view the profiles of potential partners easily. This allows you to search for a particular type of person you hope will be your perfect date. You can search the database using a wide range of criteria to narrow the field.

Of course, it is not unusual for some executives to be seeking a marriage partner. Executive dating sites are an easy way to narrow the selection of potential mates. If getting married is your goal, you may want to state that fact in your profile. Don’t hide the fact. It will eliminate prospects who are only interested in a platonic relationship.

Another aspect of executive online dating sites, that is quite popular, is the ability to meet other executives with similar business interests or hobbies. This can lead to joint business ventures or just simple friendships which can broaden experiences and knowledge of shared hobbies. Using an executive dating site does not have to be only about dating or marriage.

As with all Online Dating Services, caution is strongly advised, especially if you are seeking to date an executive with a highly visible position in their company. Most executives are careful whom they choose to date to be sure they will not jeapordize their company or put themselves in a compromising position. This is another reason to choose someone who is not in your profession. It eliminates conflicts and doubt. Executives are aware that it is not unusual for corporate spies to troll executive dating sites looking for an advantage.

While executive dating sites were established to cater primarily to the time and schedule constraints of busy executives, executives are not 100% immune to persons who might try and exploit them financially. This is why it is a good idea to use mainly executive online dating sites with an established reputation rather than newer sites. Of course, if you find a site that has good testimonials from other members, sign up and check it out to see if it fits.

When evaluating which site to join, review the number of executive listings. Look over some member profiles, if they allow it. The more executives listed, the better chance you will have of finding someone in their database that matches you.

Another way to check out potential executive dating sites is to simply do an Internet search for “reviews”. Use the name of the site and the word “reviews.” You will likely find comments from folks who either like or dislike the particular site and their reasons. You may also find reviews by people who are experts at evaluating such sites. However, make sure the reviews are not pushing a particular site. The review writer may be getting a commission if you sign up through their review.

How much are membership fees?

Well, the best executive dating sites do charge a membership fee and will require that you fill out an application form of some kind, perhaps, even require that you answer survey questions to be sure your motives are honorable. That said, you will find the cost very reasonable for the value they provide.

Some sites have various plans from which to choose and they are priced accordingly. To get a feel for the whole on line dating process, look for free on line dating sites and those that offer a free trial period before you actually commit to a membership fee.

Many people have found companionship, love, and marriage through online executive dating sites. So, go ahead and give it a chance. You just might become one of the success stories.

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