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Is Online Dating Dead? by Wiiliam davidson

Online dating websites have grown substantially in the last five years. Some say it has reached its peak phase, and can’t grow any more. Others have more optimistic expectation from the online dating. Many entrepreneurs feel that online dating business is not looking as financially lucrative as it was a couple of years ago. Online dating specialists view that this is just a passing phase which is inherent to any business, and this passing trend will vanish in some time.

Many businessmen realize that online dating has lost its luster and appeal as a potential means of connecting potential dates, and, with any luck, Mr./Miss Right. The truth, however, is that with the proliferation of many online dating scams which affected many innocent singles, certain section of the people became increasingly disillusioned about online dating.

A recent survey on online dating reveals that many people who have been victimized by various online dating scams and frauds never give online dating a second chance in their life. This trend has created a fear in the mind of people who want to join online dating. Revealing personal information and establishing relationship with complete relationship through an online medium have started sounding weird to them once again.

In the midst of this growing fear towards finding love using online media, many online dating behemoths such as have begun their operation against online dating scams and scandals to ensure safe and secure environment for singles looking for online dating. They have started implementing innovating tools into their sites to keep track of the hustlers in their sites.

Despite this negative perception towards online dating sites in general, there are many singles that are still willing to try their luck in finding their perspective dates through online dating. Therefore, online dating is not dead as yet.

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