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4 Personalities You Should Avoid in Online Dating

When you look up the profile of someone in an online dating site, you will not get to know what sort of a personality the man has. You will of course, hope that he will be a very loving person and can shower his affection on you. But beware! There can be many kinds of personalities who can never make good life partners. Their attention is always focused elsewhere. When you get to know them better, you can find out more about their personalities. The following are some of the types of people you should stay away from.

The Mother’s Pampered Son

You can spot the mamma’s boy by a long margin when you notice him talking about his mother all the time during online dating. You can find her presence in his house and in everything that he does. You can be sure that she has helped him decorate the house and will frequently come over to cook for him too. You can even find homemade meals stashed away in the fridge all the time. You can be sure that you cannot measure up to his mamma at any time and you are bound to be second best all the time. Its best to dump this guy.

Mr. Muscles

You will find his muscles flexing photos everywhere in his house. He is sure to have his own gym and will surely visit the most expensive one in town too. It is very likely that he will have his collection of entertainment systems along with swanky gadgets. It is better to avoid such a person, as he will always be immersed in himself. The gym will be his favourite place and he will have a fetish for trophies. He will treat you as one too. You will be much better off without him.

The One with the Roving Eye

The guy will be out to impress you for sure. He will be the ardent lover and will be impeccably dressed. You are certain to be impressed by him during online dating. But after some time, you will find that you are not the only one in his life. In fact, he will even forget your name at times and will also forget his dates with you. He will always be on the phone talking to one of his girl friends. You should never make the mistake of having a relationship with him.

The Man Who Works Too Much

The person who worships his work is another person who will seldom make you his first priority. He may be a good person and have good manners during online dating. He may have a good bank balance and also may live well. But he will always keep you on the back burner. He might take you to the parties but you will be left all alone while he will discuss his work on the phone. It is difficult to be happy with this person as you can never have his attention for a long time.

These may be people you should avoid in online dating. But you might consider telling them frankly about their problems before you bid goodbye.

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