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Man’s Online “Girlfriend” Turns Out To Be Part of a Pyramid Scheme (Kotaku)

In this day and age of technology and the internet, online dating is becoming
more and more “normal.” Unfortunately, every now and again online
Relationships tend cause problems with one party being untruthful to the
other. Well, for one Chinese man, his digital girlfriend turned out to be more
than just a scammer.

Originally reported by _Henan Health Daily, _Li Rui, a college student at
Zhengzhou University of Technology in Henan province, fell in love with a
“woman” named Zhou Xuan online. Li wanted to visit the woman so he took time
off from his school work to visit her in Yongzhou, Hunan province.

When Li got to the appointed meeting place, he met Zhou. Despite not looking
exactly like her picture, Li went with Zhou to her home. Zhou said they
couldn’t stay at her own home because of repairs so they had to stay in a
rental place, which was a small room filled with tatami mats. There were
seven-eight men there playing cards. Zhou and Li joined them, and that’s where
things got weird.

Li was separated from Zhou, and after that night of playing cards, Li would
never see his “girlfriend” again. …


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