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When we are having a pool party with my Colombian girlfriends, I asked them two things: what reasons do they have to hate men and what are some of their online dating tips that they can share. Their answers were very surprising! If you are into online dating after a break-up from a recent relationship or you are on the search for that special someone, one of their tips is to be yourself as much as possible and avoid worrying about your physical features. “What you see is what you get” as the saying goes.

Secondly, to be able to catch the man of your dreams, one factor to consider is the credibility of an online dating site such as (for Spanish dating site) or Friend Finder and target their specific regions (Asia, US, etc) and check some profiles and see if they fit your specific qualities that you are searching in a man. At the time you are really serious to meet anyone you have met on any dating sites and get involved with him, you may want to consider these important tips.

Once a member of any online dating site, try to be pro-active by adding profiles of men that you are attracted with, join forums or groups with the same interests that you have. Aside from that, post on walls of your friends that accepted your invitation or send simple messages to new acquaintances and get to know each other through chat (if available in that dating site).

Another tip from my girlfriend is that you must be 100% honest with your profile and all your personal details. False information may lead to disaster in the end, especially if you’re getting more involved with a man you met online and finally found out that your personal details are not true. Except if you are into a one-night stand relationship.

If you have the fear of meeting someone in real life for the first time then online dating sites is the best venue to meet and greet your prospective girls or women and start from there and at the stage you both are acquainted with each other then you can have the perfect timing to personally meet each other.

Now, searching for parties provided or sponsored by social dating sites to be able for their members to meet their newly acquainted online friends in person is another great opportunity to meet many girls and get to know them better. From there, you get the chance to be introduced to other members of the online dating site you are in and expand your network.

Another factor to consider on choosing the right online dating site for you is to check out the region covered by each site and if the majority of the girls that are members from that site are Russian or Spanish oriented girls, meaning, if you prefer Spanish girls, then register on dating sites with more Spanish girls. But before you register, do check out on the terms and conditions of the site and what personal data may be shown to other members of the site.

Once you start gaining friends of Spanish girls then send them personal messages. It doesn’t have to be clever, but a simple and honest message will do. And the rest will flow on smoothly once a girl is mutually interested with your profile. Once you are in a first date of your new acquaintance that will determine if anything better comes out of it.

At this point, if a person is attracted to you and she is emotionally aroused even prior to meeting her personally, it is best to do this when you meet personally and not when you only met her online. Being aggressive may sometimes fall into disaster in the end.

In the event that you are in a first date or casual meeting, it would be best if you both will know each other in a deeper level and never go home with your date without doing this. Building trust by providing more personal information to your date is the best option before you both go for a deeper emotional investment. By doing this tip, you will end up in a healthy relationship with your date. Physical chemistry may be good at first, but it is never a major factor that can bind a relationship.

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