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Three Stages of a New Online Dating Relationship by Ken Crouvc

Online dating is a popular trend in the modern times of advanced communication technologies. As a modern person gets involved with his studies, career and other ambitions, he starts neglecting his private life. This lack of time on part of the singles makes this virtual dating medium much more popular. You can create your dating profile and allocate a few minutes every day to search for the prospective dating partners. There are a number of popular dating websites offering efficient and convenient options to search and date members of your personal choice. As a member or subscriber, you can browse through the profiles created and posted by others looking for a perfect dating partner. However, similar to a real and normal romantic association, an online dating relationship also goes through various phases and stages. You have to understand all these phases and behave in an appropriate manner to impress the dating partner and agree her to meet you on a real date.

Sending a Dating Invitation

The dating websites allow member to select compatible dating partners and convey their interest through various online mediums including emails and chats. When you scan the profile of a prospective dating partner, you can find her email address. You have to send her an email to convey your interest in knowing her in a better and more personal manner. However, you have to take some time in composing the first email as it will affect the success and continuity of your online dating relationship. The email will help in creating the first impression on the mind of the recipient. So you need to write the mail in a customized and personal manner to impress your prospective dating partner and make her accept your dating invitation.

Online Communications

If the member reciprocates your feelings and replies to your email, you can communicate with her through voice and video chats and telephone calls. A telephonic conversation will help in evaluating the real nature and character of the dating partner. But you cannot evaluate the personality of a prospective dating partner based on online chats. The online dating portals offer online chats as the only medium of communication during the initial stages of the relationship. If the chatting is effective, she will provide you her telephone or cell phone number with an intention to move ahead with the relationship. So you need to be gentle and polite during the online interactions to create the right impression.

Preparing for the Real Date

Many people find a real date more nerve racking in comparison to online dates. When both of you are comfortable and compatible with each other after the online and telephonic communications, both of you can decide about arranging a face to face personal meeting. It is always advisable to choose a familiar and safe place as the venue for the first date. If you have been honest through your online dating profile and earlier communications, you can really bond with your partner. You can start the conversation by concentrating on some of the common and mutual aspects like hobbies, interests and tastes. Once she is comfortable, she will participate actively in the conversation and make the first date a success.

Ken Crouvc is the director of He believes that online dating is a great way of making friends and getting partners in life. He insists that online dating should not only be a great source of enjoyment for the youngsters but for people in the later ages too.

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