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Dating Through Facebook – Five Mistakes That Kill Attraction Instantly

Whenever you are having a hard time looking for Ms. Right in the real world, you can surely look for one in the internet. As we all know, Facebook is a good arena to make lots of people your friends and also to meet some “girl” friends there. In the first place, if you don’t know how to begin, then you should do a lot of research first. Remember that although the platform may seem to make it easier, a failed dating attempt may cause you for online reputation. Here are some tips to avoid when you intend to have a date using Facebook:

1. Relying on the physical and nothing else

Whether she is a common friend, or someone whose profile you chanced upon randomly, you may be attracted greatly by her profile picture. Well, here’s the truth As you stare deep into her profile picture, you create an image of her in your mind. she looks absolutely gorgeous in her pictures and if that is the only thing that comes into your mind when you look at her then you won’t be that much interested in her personality. Dating in Facebook will somehow end up in a better way if you get to know each other more and if you have that right motivation to move on.

2. Not asking questions

What you read in your date’s profile may be something you read in a lot of other people’s profiles, so you may be less interested. During the dating process, you must ask your partner a couple of questions. Make use of her chat box to chit chat with her.

If you have a crush on Facebook, try to know more about her interest, and see if it fits yours. You might as well talk about common activities or the likes. If you don’t ask questions casually, you won’t be able to draw closer to your dream girl on Facebook.

3. Multi-dating

If you are interested in a girl on Facebook, the biggest deal breaker is having several other girls on the side. The real world is not too far different from Facebook. You would still express your feelings with real people here. It would be hard to date many girls on Facebook because that could easily be traced up. You wouldn’t want to be caught so don’t let there be a reason for getting caught.

4. Overanalyzing

During the initial stage of your dating relationship, you might think that everything she does with her Facebook account has a lot to do about you. Being paranoid will make you worried for nothing. It will dampen your confidence and cause you to fail in a relationship before it has even begun.

5. Showing Off

You are not in the right position if your motivation in having a date on Facebook will try to get the attention of you ex girlfriend. If you decide that you would like to go dating on Facebook, make sure you are genuinely interested in others and are not gaining benefit on the expense of others.

Dating on Facebook can be fun, liberating and challenging. However, similar to the real world, there are a few limitations to that.

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