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The Changing Face of Online Dating

When online dating first began to enter into the social

consciousness, it became known as a last ditch effort for lonely unfortunates,

who had no other way to meet people. Comedy skits like the “Lowered

Expectations” routine by MAD TV poked fun at the personals industry and the

stereotypes of singles who “needed” to use dating services. These days,

however, the online dating industry seems to be shedding its negative image,

and trading it in for the new mainstream, popular way to connect with new

people. How did this industry achieve its facelift? How did the socially awkard

associations get traded in for its shiny new exterior?

            The early

path of online dating was a rocky one. It was rejected, made fun of, and openly

mocked on television. These days, however, it seems that online dating has now

been openly embraced by the masses who previously shunned it. As is often the

case, once something has a few proud followers, it is much easier for others to

become more and more accepting. This is certainly true for online dating. It

took online dating persistence and continuous self improvement to become the

internet force it has today. Just look around: practically everyone knows someone,

or has heard of a friend of a friend who met their partner through an online

Dating Service. These success stories have worked as the best free publicity

online dating could have ever asked for. 
As more and more people heard success stories, they too became curious

about what online dating really did have to offer. And as these people began

finding success, they too told their friends, who signed up and then told their

friends, and so on. This worked somewhat like a snowball effect, since people are

much more likely to sign up for a service if they know someone who has used it,

and especially if that friend has found success.

            As the

online dating industry began to grow, it also found ways to improve itself.

While safety and privacy issues were a big concern for many people, new methods

of ensuring privacy and safety have put many of those worries at ease. Better

and faster features also developed, due, in part, to the growing number of

online dating services. The increase in online dating websites encouraged

competitive growth, and led to an increase in quality and features offered for



these are certainly  not the only reasons

that online dating has grown to become such a large and powerful industry

(credit can also be given to the increased role the internet plays in our daily

lives, and the demand for fast, effective, cheap, and convenient ways to meet

people in the increasingly industrialized and busy world), they have certainly

added fuel to the ever-growing fire.

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