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The Things Men Will Do For Love

Falling in love and entering a relationship changes your life. Whether you’re a man or a woman, that’s one thing you can count on. Some of the changes are obvious. Things like having to share your living space, cooking for two instead of one and paying attention to the toilet seat are just a few examples.

Some of the changes will be less obvious especially for men. You’ll be surprised at some of the things that men do for love. Keep reading to see if you recognize yourself;


Okay men, here’s a question for you. Do you know what “smiling with your eyes” means? Can you explain the difference between a cat walk and a cat pose? If you can it means your girlfriend’s favorite show is “America’s Next Top Model”. Signs that you’re hooked include evenings spent alone wondering if there’s a new episode tonight; a repeat will do in a pinch.

Spend, Spend, Spend

Here’s something a lot of guys do. Rather than develop a way with words, they spend, spend, spend their way into their gal pal’s hearts. They think nothing of dropping a big wad of cash on jewelry, perfume and more. And all because they’re not too good at words (or just think they’re not).

Joining her Yoga class

Women have long been told that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Likewise, men are under the impression that they can impress a gal by pretending interest in her hobbies, like yoga. You overheard her say she loves her yoga class, and the next thing you know you’re one of only two men in the entire class trying to contort your body into the shape of a pretzel wondering if this is what love is all about.

You’ve always wanted to be a chauffeur, right?

This is one of those things that starts small and ends up big. Small as in offering to pick her up for dinner at your place. Big as in she’s going out of town for a family visit and you offer to drive her because, well, you love her and want to spend time with her.

Fighting to impress

It all goes back to caveman days. The strongest man attracted the women. And so it goes that men think they must have brawn, and be able to use it, to impress the opposite sex. So when the man and the woman are out together and are confronted by a group of thuggish louts commenting on her body, rather than cross the street he’ll wade into the thick of things and damn the consequences!

Location, Location, Location

This is a tough choice for men and women alike. We finally meet someone with whom we really believe we could have a future. Only they’re moving. Next month. Halfway across the country. What to do? Do we forget about him or her, do we try a long distance relationship, or do we start packing? This one is definitely a life changing decision!

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