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Free Classified Ads Sites: How to Stay Away from Fraudulent Ones by Micheal Taylor

Is there such a thing as a fraudulent free classified ads website?

A search online would reveal that there are very few free classified ads websites that are fraudulent in nature. Of course, there are websites that contain fraudulent ads, something that cannot be completely avoided when dealing with free classified ads website. In any case, there are some classified websites that you should stay away from.

And why? Simple: because the classified website you choose says a lot about you and whatever your ad represents. It can be a specific item you own, it can be a product or a service you or your company is selling—it can even be yourself. In any case, like it or not, your free classified ads website indirectly represents. Choosing fraudulent one is almost like saying the ad itself is fraudulent.

So how do you stay away from fraudulent free classified ads websites?

The first is the easiest: by reputation. This is fairly easy because information on such is abundant online, especially when the website in question is popular. Reputation can be a very powerful thing. The website, for instance, may not be fraudulent per se. However, because it has a bad reputation, people already have judged the site before they even visited it or tried its service. And this industry depends on people and not just the service itself. Needless to say, you need to go where everyone is—or, rather, avoid places everyone is avoiding.

There are times when a website in general is not fraudulent and does not have a bad reputation—only certain parts are. A good example here, as always, would be the ever popular Craigslist. The job ads on Craigslist are reliable (because they are paid ads), and the other areas of the website are getting raves too. However, Craigslist’s personals aren’t exactly getting good press recently, thanks to the recent crimes connected with the personal ads on Craigslist (an example: a man was murdered by someone who replied to his ad on Craigslist). And then there are countless instances of unusual personal Craigslist ads. In any case, Craigslist isn’t a bad choice—but choose the areas of the website that you will utilize.

It is imperative that you look at the ads posted on the free classified ads website too. Try to read and assess a great number of recent ads, as this will reveal the overall quality of the website. Birds of the same weather flock together, as they say—and it applies here no matter how much of a clich it is.

As for spotting fraudulent sites itself, the task should be easier. Avoid newly established free classified ads websites; they are more likely to be frauds than the older ones. Make sure you can find the contact details from the people running the website from their free classified ads website. Assess whether or not the site looks professional; although there are a number of lousily designed free classified ads websites, less professional-looking ones are more likely to be scams and free classified ads websites with good designs.

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