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Relationships Break Up

When a person face a break up, they usually adopt habits to help themselves feel better. Here are some of the common things we often see in reality and movies of what people will do after a relationship break up.

Binge Eating

Some people uses food to help them feel better. Types of food varies where some may binge on ice cream, chocolates and all sorts of junk food. On worse occasions, people adopt heavy eating habits that makes them become fat over time. Think about the consequences if you are having binge eating resulting from your break up.

Drugs and Alcohol

An unhealthy way to numb themselves from the painful feelings of their relationship break ups is through drugs and alcohol. Getting drunk seems like a good idea as it numbs feelings of sadness but both can cause an addiction and make you stuck in a rut.


Exercising makes your body release a certain type of chemical that makes you feel good. It lifts your mood and takes away all your negative feelings. This option is healthy but beware of being a gym freak just because you want to avoid clearing your emotions from the hurt of your break up.


Some people seek for professional help such as therapists and relationship coaches. These can be expensive but these therapies helps you to unveil deeper truths of your sadness. It helps you understand your emotions and feelings and thus teaches you techniques to better manage your emotions. From the techniques, you will slowly recover from hurt feelings and learn to move on.

Remember, different people react different when they come face to face with crisis. Relationship break ups can be painful and have a great impact on a person. People get sleepless nights, loss of appetite and even isolate themselves when they don’t have support and help from resources. If your ex left you in your relationship, remember that it is okay to grieve over the incident but do get as much help as you can to move forward instead of getting stuck in the rut.

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