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Mass Effect is a video game series that first came out on the Xbox 360. It’s a major popular game series, having sold over 8 million units in just the few years it’s been out. I remember after buying my Xbox 360 in 2010 getting Mass Effect because of hearing about how good it was. I remember a friend of mine telling me how awesome the game was, and that decisions you made in that game would carry on into the next game. That sounded pretty cool to me, but I couldn’t really do anything about it since I didn’t own an Xbox 360. I don’t remember thinking about it too much while awaiting my Xbox, but I certainly did at one point. I believe it was a mere 20 dollars when I decided to buy it, just to give it a shot. And it was a worthy shot. It’s really one of the best game series I’ve ever personally played and enjoyed. I’ve vastly enjoyed this game series, the first and second games that have been released so far.

You have total customization on what the character looks like, what gender they are, and what their background story is. What you can do and control and how it affects the game later is truly amazing. It’s the same exact game, and the same overall story is told, but the way it’s played and what’s happening can be totally different than the person right next to you who have their own personal game slot.

You play as a Commander Sheppard, who’s history again depends on what you want it to be. You build relationships with different people and aliens while racing to fix the world of problems that are building up. In the first Mass Effect there is a rouge Specter, Saren, who’s causing trouble and using Geth to attack and you have to track him down and stop him. The Council believes that only he is the problem, but you find out to the contrary that the Reapers, an ancient civilization that every 50,000 years destroys all life and hides to do it again another day, are on the move and are very much real.

So even though you are trying to stop Saren, you are also trying to convince the Council and different ones of the real threat and danger. They never believe you. Sovreign, a Reaper, eventually shows up and causes trouble and tries to kill you and start the process up, so to speak, but you with a lot of help and strength are able to stop him. You in the process even save the Council from dying, or at least I did in my play through. You continue the story in Mass Effect 2, after the Normandy has been attacked and Sheppard left for dead on a planet, rebuilt by an organization called Cerberus. The Collectors are taking entire human colonies and your job is to stop them and see why they are doing this. Eventually you find out that the Reapers are controlling them, and you are proving yet again that this problem does indeed exist and needs to be taken care of before it’s too late. And it does indeed prove to be too late in Mass Effect 3, as there is an all out war with the Reapers in that game. It took massive struggles and strength to take out Sovreign,so taking out hundreds of Reapers will be life or death for all life.

This game series really takes you in and is truly enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the game triliogy, exploring all its possibilities and seeing where it all ends up going. Until Mass Effect 3 I’ll be enjoying the great series this is, and be thankful I had a chance to play it.

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