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Cost of Microsoft Dynamics CRM by Satish Kumar

Microsoft dynamics CRM is a multi language customer relationship management software package, which is offered by Microsoft. It focuses on sales, marketing and after sales support. Microsoft provides a .net Framework for customizing the Microsoft Dynamic CRM to meet specific business requirements. Microsoft Dynamic CRM works like a central storage space of your business information. It stores all the data given by sales, marketing and after sales support divisions and preserve your important business information. You can simply access your staff located at different locations anytime in the world through Microsoft dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamic CRM offers more familiar experience to its user as it is enclosed with Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft applications like MS word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint, etc.

The price of Microsoft dynamics CRM includes licensing, features, deployment, training, administration and maintenance, making it the most competitive in cost while giving rich features that help in building solid customer relations. Microsoft dynamics customer relationship management software is primarily an IIS based web application with client server architecture and which can be accessed by Internet. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an affordable technology solution, which is beneficial in automating and reforming your organization’s CRM strategy. This system also provides your easy access members across your organization with access to up-to-date information and new ways to respond rapidly.

Microsoft dynamics CRM is available in a small number of languages and is very well incorporated with Microsoft products like MS office and Microsoft windows. This CRM application is easily customizable to adjust according to the requirements of the user and third party tools can be integrated for additional features. Through Microsoft dynamics CRM you can access E-mail campaigns that are managed easily and responses tracking can be done too.

Before you find the cost of Microsoft dynamics CRM, you should consider on which edition your association is going to employ it. Mainly it comes in three different versions:

â€Workgroup Server edition offers a maximum of five user licenses.
â€Professional Server edition provides a rich feature set, supports single tenant deployment and has no licensing limit on number of users.
â€Enterprise Server edition includes multi-tenant deployments and has no licensing limit on number of users.

One of the chief constituents for Microsoft dynamics CRM is MSSQL database, web services, system services, plug-ins and reporting services. This system is beneficial in managing and developing customer relationships more easily by handling customer management tasks such as sending and managing e-mail, storing business contacts and managing your appointment calendar. Microsoft dynamics CRM improves productivity through automation using built-in intelligence that simplifies and automates everyday tasks. Through this system you can personalize your experience by creating a workplace profile that delivers immediate access to the customer information and activities you use most. Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers rich sales automation, service management and marketing automation within your everyday productivity applications.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is advantageous in improving the productivity and develops a connected organization that is enclosed to please your customers.

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