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Significant Details About Italian Gold Necklaces

Gold necklaces from Italy are of varying types to suit every individual’s necessities and liking. A few of them are:

Omega Necklaces: These kinds are either dome-shaped or evenly shaped. They consist of series of small chains linked together. First class omega necklaces appear as a plain round piece of gold hiding those links. Price of these on 16 inch 14 carat gold is at $500 and above.

Byzantine: They are usually a group of interlinked chains. A Byzantine necklace of 16”of 14 k can roughly be of $1000. Rolo Necklace, Fancy braided, Mesh Rope and Cage Mesh are kinds of chained necklaces.

There are further types excluding from those mentioned above. All of them supply for your jewelry necessities. Italian necklaces are definitely attractive to the eyes and women would surely love to wear them.

The use of gold by women as jewelries dates back centuries ago. The unearthing of gold made the presence of precious jewelries achievable. Gold was crafted into rings, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bangles, and the like.

This continuous list truly depicts the relevance of gold jewelry in the lives of women. Necklaces however have an especially important purpose. By wearing them, a woman attracts attention to her face and neck. So, women are choosy about necklaces and Italian gold necklaces assist them out considerably.

Italy has a rich and superb history. It has been the home of masters in music, science, arts, philosophy, architecture and geography. Apart from that, Italy has also honed excellent goldsmiths producing the finest intricately designed jewelries and using only the best quality of gold. They took the world through amazement and led the world as being the top manufacturers of gold jewelries. However, with the advent of other gold producing countries, gold industry in Italy declined. But still, the unequalled quality of their goods remains on their legacy.

The gold industry of Italy provides for over 40,000 people and Italy processes and uses almost 500 tons of fine gold yearly. Italy has various Goldsmith Designer Schools to train the new generations in a blend of new age and traditional techniques and processes. Italy also hosts a large number of gold jewelry fairs to showcase its latest trends and fashions in gold.

Pure gold is very difficult to work with as it is very soft. It keeps on breaking. This is why gold is nearly always used as an alloy. It means that gold is mixed chemically with a metal base to toughen it. Usually, copper is utilized to make gold alloy, but silver and other metals can also be used.

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White Italian gold is world renowned for its quality and durability. For more information on specific jewelry items including Italian gold necklaces follow the hyperlinks.

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