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Teen Dating In The New Millennium

Parents constantly complain of the fact that they can no longer understand their children especially when they become teenagers. The gap between the parents and their children seems harder to cross now with the many changes and the changing attitudes of children nowadays. But parents have to understand though that their parents as well felt the same way when they themselves used to be teenagers. It has always been this way through every generation and so this young generation currently when they become parents may complain as well in the near future that they never seem to understand their kids.

There are only a handful of parents who seem to be able to understand and communicate effectively especially with their teeners. It is but understandable for many parents to be very strict when their children reach adolescence knowing the many problems among the youth like drugs, teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among others. Communication and understanding is a very important ingredient in a parent-teenager relationship or any relationship for that matter. It is essential for parents to understand how teens nowadays act as well as not to strangle them on the neck. There is a strong tendency for teens to rebel more if you are stricter with them.

Understand the world of teenagers. Teens usually go out in groups most of the time especially during the early years when relationships don’t get that serious as compared in the late teen years. Groups can give your teens the chance to interact as well as develop their social skills but it is important that you lay down important reminders as well as talk to them on matters especially regarding sex and drugs. Explain to them that it doesn’t necessarily mean that just because everyone is doing them that they should engage in it too. If your teen falls into a wrong group, coax him/her to look for a new set of friends who could give a better influence and not possibly ruin his/her life forever.

You also have to understand that with the onset of technological gadgets calling on the phone to ask for a date is no longer the trend. Teens make dates through their mobile phones either through exchange of calls or messages and some even through the computer when they go online through the different chat rooms or websites where teens can get to meet other teens as well. Long gone were the days when the guy comes down to meet the parents. Most would just wait in the car for your daughter to probably go out of the house. It is imperative that when your teenager goes out on a date that you know the person he/she is going out with, where they will be going and the time they will be coming home to have at least some peace of mind.

Parents and teens may not have similar wavelengths but it all boils down to how the parents have effectively raised their child as well as how they have handled the crucial growing up years. Teens especially also have to understand that parents only want what’s best for them and that they have to assure them that they are safe, on the right track of their lives and not engage in any bad activities. Teens have to set their limits and have to know what is right and wrong for them as well.

Relationships Nowadays – Nariman Zouheiry

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