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Relationships Ruin Friendships Quotes

Some people have trouble developing and keeping relationships, either with the opposite sex or even just with friends. Some are loners by choice.

It appears that those for whom relationships don’t last have something in their hearts that cause others to back away from them. Some of them just react so negatively if someone criticizes them that it causes both of them to go their separate ways.

This is why unconditional love is so important. When someone has unconditional love in their heart and is criticized by some else, they do not react. With this type of love in their heart, they just continue to give the fault finder love no matter what the other person says. They are also tolerant of the other person’s beliefs, and treat them with respect. Therefore, there is no reason for the fault finder to back away from them because all they extend to the difficult person is a warm energy of love.

One of my friends says he cannot keep relationships. Yet he and I have been friends for several years. He had a girlfriend and they were having problems. He told her he cannot keep relationships. She asked him then why has he been close to me for so many years. He told her, “She doesn’t criticize me.”

I believe everyone wants to be loved, yet they send out negative energy that drives people away. It doesn’t make sense, except that they have chosen to live in the dark, and that is what people who live in the dark do. They want love or light given to them, but they return darkness. Dark and light cannot live together, therefore, they part ways.

May we learn to carry unconditional love in our hearts so loving people will be attracted to us. Like attracts like. If we want love, we must give love.

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