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The World’s Finest Furniture Store on The Web: Started by College Kids?

Yes, it’s true; it happened a lot like Facebook, Napster and all those other Internet sensations. There was a group of college roommates talking about life over beer and peanuts – and then, suddenly, a brilliant idea emerged. The nation’s largest online furniture store culminated in the minds of these young entrepreneurs. Okay, so it’s no Facebook or Napster, but it is an amazing online
furniture store
with over 10,000 products. This online furniture store was to have the most comprehensive customer-focused shipping system, and the highest quality furniture available to the public.

Milan and Solange Rousset grew up in their family’s furniture stores and definitely knew the business of furniture. But the brother and sister duo never thought that they would take their years of knowledge and experience and turn it into a successful online furniture store. They were both Political Science majors! One day, the two, and Milan’s roommate and friend, Travis, discussed how they could bring the largest, high-end furniture outlet to the world.

In 2004, the idea became a reality when this small group of college students brought the World Wide Web Furniture From Home. Starting as a co-op of unique furniture retailers nationwide with a website focused on advertising retailer’s products, Milan wanted to provide an enhanced customer service experience by centralizing operations. The focus of Furniture From Home is high quality furniture and a refined delivery process, making it the most customer-centric online furniture store in the industry today.

What really made Furniture From Home different from all other online furniture stores was not only the vast variety of furniture and its unique delivery process; but the company gave shoppers online benefits that other furniture stores would never offer. Furniture From Home gives customers live (human) “Personal Shopping Assistants” straight from their home office who are available to all customers who need help in designing the perfect spaces for their home with the ideal furniture or finding unique furniture pieces on demand.

The choices you receive in the online
furniture store
are an interior decorator’s dream. Furniture From Home’s various room collections give you a variety of choices, styles, colors, pieces and textures. It’s the kind of furniture store that a person can get lost in. If you start browsing, and you’re not sure what you want, hours may go by before you know it! But, likely you will find exactly what you were looking for and you didn’t have to “just settle” for whatever you could find.

One lesson we can learn from Facebook, Napster, and Furniture From Home is hanging out with your college buddies and having a beer could end up being the start to a very successful future.

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