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The Characteristics of the Zodiac Sign of Virgo by Victor Epand

The sixth sign in the zodiac is Virgo. Those born between the dates of August 23rd and September 22nd have this as their sun sign. It is symbolized by the Virgin due to the somewhat puritanical nature of those born during this period. Famous Virgos include singer LeAnn Rimes and actors Cameron Diaz, Ryan Phillippe, Hugh Grant and Tommy Lee Jones. The Virgo mind is thoughtful and orderly. They tend to be conscientious, organized and hardworking. Discriminating and methodical they do nearly everything well. They are analytical, exacting, practical and grounded. Their attention to detail can carry over into a critical demeanor. It can be hard for them to achieve a larger project due to their getting hung up on the small details. They seek out perfection in themselves and those around them which obviously creates many opportunities for disappointment. At least you can be assured that they will be as hard on themselves as they are on you. The Virgo prefers to be in the background and is fairly unassuming. They can also be puritanical. Knowledge is acquired with a seriousness of purpose. In order to see the whole picture, they must first understand all of its parts. Because of that, they have a tendency to generalize. There is a sense of balance both of mind and body. A Virgo will take care of their health and are usually neurotically neat. Their tendency to worry can cause health problems that stem from stress. Virgos are much attuned to the needs of their relationship partners. They don’t rush into love and approach the matter with thought and patience. Emotions and physicality aren’t enough for this person. They must connect mentally with their partner in order for the union to stick. Instruction manuals were designed with Virgos in mind and their lack of directions in how to create and maintain a love affair can perplex them. They can see the whole thing as being a bit insane. They are not gambling types, either. It can cause them to shut out those that they are attracted to since they distrust the uncontrollable and unexplained. Realistic Virgos choose the safe path- the traditional, the understandable. That isn’t to say they can’t have humor or fun. They just might need to be encouraged into it. They want to be happy and have a good time, but they’re afraid of the costs. For this reason they often choose a partner to whom frivolity comes easy, hoping that the partner will be able to lead them onto that path. But the Virgo can tire of that sort of behavior and start imposing their more mature views onto their partner. Relationships are hard for the Virgo even though they can be kind, gentle, helpful and clever to their partners. They tend to compartmentalize things according to how useful they are and the light hearted things, and sometimes even meaningful matters of the heart, tend not to be considered useful. But they can learn new tricks and break away from this behavior. It just isn’t something that comes naturally or easily.

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